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I like to talk about lazy do-nothings in the US Congress. Must be nice to be all grown up and get away with tantrums, all at the expense of taxpayer dollars. For 165K a year, gov't subsidized health care and pension.. must be nice to be political bastards

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ok I'm going to try it again hoping it works this time. I'll work in the background so will just put it on mute until i see someone call in or someone in chat

I'll schedule another half hour see if my BTR friends find me

I'll keep trying. Hopefully we find each other and can go back to politics!

beep beep. I'll schedule this for half and hour and put it on mute. If I see you calling in then I'll turn it on.

Hey guys. call in. I'll just let it run on mute. if I see you calling then I'll switch it on

Last minute, I'm not good at hosting so dont complain. lol

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Mitt Romney slithered in on his pompador grease today to the Iowa State Fair, hoping to get photo ops that made him appear as if he was carbon based like the rest of us. Didn't work. Here's why Mitt is a joke & those around him are cut... more

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