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Adult Talk Radio for the intelligent, sexy and not easily offended. Warning! If easily offended by the freewill of others, please don't listen! Opinions of the host and guest may bring about shock! Proceed as an individual who has been fore warned!

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The evolution of a band

  • by "Big-Talk Live"
This morning after shortly awakening I found myself peering through the blinds as the trees swayed back and forth with such elegance; it was if nature was making a mark as "poetry in motion". The howling of the wind through the... more


  • by "Big-Talk Live"
I am a mother of two sons and one daughter, and raising them as a single parent was often very tiring and laborious at times. I have never made excuses for their improper behavior. I have always taught them that one must be willing to face... more


  • by "Big-Talk Live"
It's been a week of silence almost, my ears have heard some things that need to be put on the carpet and exposed for what they truly are. The "calling out" something similar to this situation I remember when I was a child. There was... more


  • by "Big-Talk Live"
Sorry people, Yen your Host is incapacitated! If you don't already know she has suffered a severe muscle tear in her left calf. She is medicated and will not be hosting any show on tonight, hopefully with great rest she will return for Friday's... more


  • by "Big-Talk Live"
Today is one of the most painful days of my life; I would definitely put it up there with natural "child birth pain", "child birth" being category 5 and this pain at 3.5. But this pain is less bearable! An f-cking "sports injury is what I have. I was out... more

Who is more skilled when it comes to "love-making", men or women?

Hatred must be handled by the mature ,experienced and wise.

Choosing partners based on how they look.
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