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My name is Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter and you are now tuned in to Forgive: The Ultimate Practice on BlogTalk Radio. I'm here to help you move boldly through your degrees of captivity. I'm here to remind you to Find Your Way, Master Your Story and Be Strong in the Space That You Occupy. If you've got demons - got dammit - live possessed. What do I mean when I say live possessed? I mean live with passionate purpose. Live out your ultimate dreams! Manifest you greatness in every moment of every ing day. Know thy self! Get to know the very best in yourself! Rise out of the painful past. Let your pain become your power. Put all of your love, all of your heart, all of your soul into your NOW and your future will be full of wonder! Live possessed! So why do we call this show "Conversions?" What is a conversion? A conversion is a change. A conversion is a transformation. A conversion is a metamorphosis. Everyday we go through all kinds of changes. We change consciously. We change subconsciously. We change voluntarily. We change involuntarily. Our program Conversions is all about voluntary, intentional changes. Our program is all about holistic and self-guided change. Conversions is not talk radio. Conversions is action radio. Our program is about strategic planning and personal implementation of powerful information. We approach human transformation through a system we call F5. F5. F as in the word Fantastic. F as in the word: formula and the number 5. F5 involves these five critical factors of personal development. Number One - Focused Faith Number Two - Fitness Number Three - Food Number Four - Forgiving Number Five - ing I believe that effective integration and management of these five factors will consistently bring about holistic reconciliation. And not just any kind of reconciliation. Here at Conversions we're talking Radical. Relentless. Reconciliation. Reconciliation is the reestablishment of coherent e

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Welcome to Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men. Our program is a unique forum for The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving where Black Men explore how their individual practices impact their communities, their world and their future. We come together to be individually vulnerable, individually transparent and individually accountable. We are clear that there are both historic and systemic challenges. Yet we as individual men commit to making this world a beautiful place through concentration on four daily practices: forgiving, focused faith, fitness and food.
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Welcome to A Course in Forgiving, I'm your host Ulysses ?Butch? Slaughter and I'm excited to offer you one of many course come as produced by iForgive University. For more on our upcoming shows and presentations go to... more