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Do call 347-850-1533 tonight, Wednesday, 7/17/19 at 8pm EST to discuss IFA/FA/AFA & ORISA ETHICS on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. This promises to be a HOT TOPIC given the fact that the when practicing African... more

When you have no faith in the Orisa from the start, you can be easily influenced to disgard your icons, thinking that the Orisa are not working for you or thinking that you can cut off the bonds you have made with the Orisa and your Iya or... more

You are invited to call 347-850-1533 tonight, 6/02/19 at 8:PM Eeastern Standard Time (EST) for OUR HOT TOPIC entitled; DEGENERATION AND DIMINISHING OF ORISA/IFA TRADITIONS on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. What are... more

Do call 347-850-1533 tonight 4/21/19 at 8:pm EST to discuss WAR and JUSTICE within IFA/ORISA LIFE on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. War, defined in parts, generally involves extremes over unresolved conflicts, such... more

You are invited to call 347-850-1533 on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 4:pm EST, 5:pm Virgin Islands time, for a discussion entited ELEVATING OUR SPIRITUAL HOUSES: OPEN FORUM on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. Please check... more

Do call 347-850-1533 tonight, 1,/13/19 at 8:pm EST to discuss our HOT TOPIC entitled AMERICAN IFA READING FOR THE YEAR 2019: ANCESTRAL INTERVENTION with speacial guest, IYALEMOLE Dr.Queenchiku Ngozi on... more

Please call 347-850-1533 tonight, 11/28/18 at 8:pm EST. for a discussion entitled; SPIRITUAL MARRIAGES AND DIVORCE on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. When you initiate to "marry" an ORISA, VAUDUN, MAMI WATA, NKIZI or any... more

You are invited to call 347-850-1533 to listen and voice your feelings tonight,11/11/18 at 8:PM EST on our HOT TOPIC entitled; DISLOYALTY IN IFA-ORISA-EGUN LIFE: A NEW TREND What is loyality and how does it... more

Do call 347-850-1533 to join our discussion tonight, 10/28/18 at 8:pm EST entitled: EXCLUSION & SEXISM AGAINST WOMEN IN IFA: HOW FAR HAS IT GONE? FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND EDUCATION! How far have the men gone... more

You are invited to call 347-850-1533 at 8:pm EST tonight, 9/30/18 for a discussion entitled; IN IFA & ORISA LIFE: WHY DO EBOS on TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. What is an Ebo? How does an Ebo work? Why is Ebo necessary in Ifa... more