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Transgender "Sex Workers" Insensitive Jokes in Ferguson "Is that all you got Mr. Holder?" Ten year clock for the Jews.....

Bo Boy gets the message......You're a Deserter...... Jimmy Carter proves he's the 2nd worse President in History Housing values in Ferguson - Riots have Consequences..... Michelle goes to Cambodia and you pick up the $242,500 tab

Jeb Bush's 1985 phone call makes headlines Jesse Jackson emerges from Prison - healthy and wealthy The Boko Boyz are at it again....where'd the ladies go

Is Africa on this planet? Only the Witch Doctor knows for sure..... How much will a Billionaire pay to avoid the needle? Wait and see...... Immigration or capitulation? Depends on your side of the aisle.....

Hillary gets a pass on e-mails....... Right to Work = Right to earn big bucks Holder tries to avoid shutout at Ferguson.....

The Bushman's Wife buys some Jewelry? BFD Let's send more medical folks to Africa? You first!

Looney Broad over at State Sub the ISIS extermination out to the Jews

Can the Supreme Court keep Obamacare alive? Tea Party Congressmen do what they said they'd do...OMG!!! Past performance has nothing to do with qualifying for a job - IRS

The President disses Christianity The Rev Dr Sharpton ain't so sharp The worst foreign policy in American History