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Idle Thoughts

Idle Thoughts


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Dime Piece Cookout" - "Make it Clap 2" The Other Side of the Story........Oh Yeah..

Marilyn Mosby: "Seal all the forensics!! Seal the Toxicology Reports!!!" Whatever you do, don't release the evidence - it might make me look bad!!! Why did Freddie Gray die? What was in Freddie's blood when he died? We may never know.......

Brady to NFL - Deflate this!!!! Where are the Kids? I just saw them!!!! Hillary's a walk in the Park - just wait, you'll see.....

Drawing pictures of the Prophet? I don't know....... Baltimore - Have you seen the mayor? She was just here..... Hot meals in coach? Not in this world.......

Freddie takes a flyer Baltimore Mayor Self-Destructs Senseless charges impossible to prove I can't breathe!! Take me to the hospital!

Take my Bottom - Not my mattress!!" A new chapter in the Columbia Rape Hillary & the squawking Penguins......

#Howstupidisthis? (Bring back our Girls!) World marketplace = no US middle class Dams & Reservoirs equal water supply Bill Clinton is not a Felon - He's a deserter?

Jeb Bush is target #1 for the Post....... Get the cartoons out of your computer!!!! Looting and rioting have consequences.... Yes they do!!!!

Transgender "Sex Workers" Insensitive Jokes in Ferguson "Is that all you got Mr. Holder?" Ten year clock for the Jews.....