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There is a few different shows associated with this channel now. From the Mind of Chaos is just a news show with a spin of course with some humor. Footprints the show that gets behind the scenes and talks about the issues with the family court system. Idiots in a Box, yes they are idiots but they will make you laugh and you may learn a thing or 2. Wheels and a Winner your nascar one stop shop. See what one or if all of them do

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The program that gets into the family court system. Some of the things you are unaware of that Thommy Noodlez and other parents are going through in the event of just trying to see, love and take care of their kids. Hear the stories,... more

Weekly show with some humor, some fun and who knows what else. Chaos from sports our way just sits down going over a few things that are on his mind. He may hit sports and all of the divios championship games, the trajedies that... more

Here is the weekly show about, well you know whatever. This is the place and the time that Chaos has his therapy session. Its time to get things off his mind, out of his head because when they stay there nothing good can ever happen... more

The weekly show from the mind of chaos, where Chaos talks about some of the things that he is seen and gone over in the past week. Who knows what all we are going to get into. May talk some politics, may talk some... more

Weekly catching up with Chaos from sports our way and chaos network, see what is on his mind.. the good bad and ugly

Here we go with another week of who knows what the hell we are going to talk about. Might be offensive, topical, funny who has any idea what this is even about. It doesnt matter its one man and all the voices in his head.. they need to... more

Here we go again

Chaos just rants about the things that are on his mind

Here we go just the rants of a madman this week, Chaos have some thoughts some insights, some coherent and some incoheret. No idea what he is going to come up with and usually its interesting