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Wayne Clingman

Indy Film Wisconsin


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Indy Film Wisconsin. We talk Indy film the how, why, and how to.

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Lauren Tharp of LittleZotz Writing rejoins Wayne Clingman on Indy Film Wisconsin, this time to talk about the benefits of hiring a freelance writer. Whether you're a business owner or an average Joe with a story to tell, this is a show... more

As you may know I do a lot in Agriculture on Twitter as @revolutionyfarm will use an event to talk about that life is not fair nor does the World owe you shit. A bit of sadness of Crowd unding efforts I see on line And ending with life goes on... more

On Twitter today talking with others came up with a real easy low buget horror film that YOU can do with a Cell Phone A few locations, few actors plot driven can even have naughty bits I will tell you all about it why it will sell even how to... more

Today I will talk all about fans fan base AND why fans rock the world. I will be be speaking on my expence on obseriving the creation of, fans what they can be used for why fans need to be treated well and with repect. Fans want to ber in... more

Read that Facebook was using its power to censor what stories were trending, followed by proof that this story was very true. Expected a Firestorm but seeing more Ba like noises from the Sheep worse others who say since this... more

Friday the 13th so need to talk horror AND my falling in love with thre of the best ever they being Black Tapes Tannis and the Unknown! So very good to here you should find them on Itunes and check them out! Will bring up in passing others... more

As you know I am a big fan of the history of Hollywood, today I will rant a bit on what that has taught me over the past few months. Sad thing is we spend far more time whiining on life being unfair (and it is) vs doing something about it... more

Today going to talk about some Podcasts I enjoy and get a lot out of being You must remember this and Hollywood History wiyh why I do what I get out of them + some random thoughts on ideas in the back of my mind

Tetia Stroud and Ralph Odierna will join the show to talk about their film Guardian Angel an enterent to the Artemis film festival Lets hear the story of this film!
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