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Indy Film Wisconsin. We talk Indy film the how, why, and how to.

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Nicole M. Alonso joins the show today, to share her work in film and the projects she is working on at this time. If her past work is any example of what is to come we film buffs have a lot to look forward too.
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The great Kasey Thomson Well known Kentucky Horror fan, will be on today to talk her views on Horror films today. Do they suck or only seam that way? Tune in.

So many great projects! How do you get the message out on yours? Just a Facebook Page? Maybe you use Twitter a bit? Why do others get Press and not you? Have no idea how to start to get the press you need, and you do need it.. I... more

Going to go over the last few months with the show, what to expect with the show. Will also talk about an few issues that have come up on Twitter on film Topics and why YOU need to read the Hollywood Reporter!

Today The great Hiltion Ariel Ruiz will be on to talk Zombie with a Shotgun, How he got his start in Film Making and best of all why he rocks out! Please Join us!!

Aftermy fighting off the V.A. The Black Dog and fake Redheads, I bring you George O'Barts and his great film Pizza Shop the Moive! Hear How he made thins, Why he made this and his thoughts on Film Making! Who other then Indy... more

Most know Mr. Martin from his work at Rouge Cinema, did you know he is also a Writer as well? Mr. Martin is also a fantasic film history buff has a page all about old school B film far better films then IMHO are made today! Lets catch up to... more

Mr. Suppa updates us on the project 12 (A take off of 24) how he is using crowdsourse to fund the show. We will also get his thoughts on how to get into the busness.

Today Sage Suppa Actor/Director all around great guy will join us to talk about his past projects and his upcomeing project 12 and why this will rock our world. A great guy who's work needs to be seen Note I think that 12 is just his way to... more

The ghost of Jane Austin interrupted us yesterday, clearly jealous that another female writer is experiencing such great success! Or maybe we just experienced technical difficulties. Either way, we're going to cleanse the airwaves and try... more
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