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Ice Cream Conversations Radio airs every Friday night at 10pm on with your hosts Xaviera and Karla. Candid discussions, Indie Artist spotlights, and celebrity interviews are the keys to the popularity of our show.

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Tune in to Ice Cream Conversations where we serve delicious scoops of entertainment on the latest hot topics and your favorite celebrities!
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Join us as we discuss restraining orders and the pop star who recently relaxed the restraining order against her one-time abusive ex-boyfriend. We’ll also talk about rumors. Who starts them and why do they carry so much power?... more

We are back for another Ice Cream Social. This time we will be joined by Marci (ATL), Reasy (MD), Author D.L. Sparks (ATL), and James (NY). We'll be discussing all of the hot topics in news and entertainment. As always we will... more

Have you cheated? Have you ever been cheated on? Has your lover left you for another man or woman? Did you seek revenge? Have you ever publicly blasted an ex-lover? Ever wore a hairpiece? LOL Yes, ladies and gents we are going... more

Join us at we discuss A&E’s new hit series “Beyond Scared Straight” and dig into the real issues of our at-risk teens. Are “bad kids” really a result of bad parenting? We’ll also get into some Real Housewives of Atlanta talk and chat about NeNe’s... more

Join us as we welcome the beautiful and talented author D.L. Sparks to the show. D.L. will be on to tell us about her fantastic book, The Lies That Bind. Also, let's discuss tattoos and what's considered going "too far". Lastly, we'll... more

It's our first show of 2011 and we are excited. We are going to talk about our plans for the new year and we'll be discussing and dissecting a story that's caused quite a bit of controversy... The Princess Boy. Should you allow your... more

You're invited to join us as we celebrate Xaviera's birthday with a special episode of Ice Cream Conversations. We're going to have great music and lots of fun!

This Christmas Eve as you sip your eggnog, get cozy with your family, and wrap your gifts join us for our first Christmas Show! We'll have some awesome holiday music, share our fave Christmas stories, and find out who's been Naughty or Nice.

Healthcare is the topic on the table! Karla is in the Healthcare profession. Listen as we break down the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of our current healthcare system. We will also talk Hoochies! From Amber Rose to Kim... more

This is a show you do NOT want to miss! We will have our first ever Ice Cream Social with six special guests: Chandra (NJ), Mariland (Maryland), Marie (TX), Romaine (NJ), James (NY), and Gavin (OH). We're going to have an... more
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