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In my shows I try to give you, the audience, a chance to know each guest as someone you know and trust and then our conversation is about her or his book, project, or unique and helpful POV. It is not confrontative, but conversational, and most guests ask for a return visit. In the ARCHIVES are 4 years worth of interviews with many of the world's most sensitive and intelligent CHANGE AGENTS. If you are one - contact me at - Dr.Rose Here's recent comment by a guest."Thank you for having me on your show. It was one of the most intelligent and insightful interviews I have done (I've done more than 150 interviews on the book). Elliott R.Katz, BEING A STONG MAN A WOMAN WANTS. " Most guests ask to return, which is why I totally enjoy each show and know you will too.

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We write about the benefits of human-animal companionship as authors with over a quarter million books sold, consisting of 13 titles, published in multiple languages. ( Over the years, we have become experts on... more

Dr. Miller and I shared our ideas on ways to improve the teaching of special needs students. She is awesome. Dr. Kari Miller is a Los Angeles-based educational therapist, an academic specialist who works with special needs... more

There was a technological glitch so the first few minutes are unclear. Sorry! Know anyone who wants to market their book successfully? Steer them to for information on the bi-weekly... more

I look forward to helping clear the air about what islam is.(The show was everything I hoped for. I asked the questions most people have been concerned about and the Imam answered the honestly, completely, and dispelled many... more

Al is also the author of Moving Mountains and Molehills Local Politics 101. A self help book about how to "fight city hall. The basis of a participatory democratic government is the right of each citizen to be able to not only express his beliefs,... more

Ray has taught elementary, secondary, and adult eduction classes. He has written more than 100 scripts for info and training films, serving as a writer, director, and producer of most of these films. He has received more than a dozen top... more

I have been in the energy business for over 50 years (nuclear and non nuclear in the UK and USA) and, I have published a book entitled "An Achievable Solution Of Our Energy Problems." In the book I address the problems of pollution and... more

A chance for you to be informed, involved, and empowered. A place for friendship, learning, and advocating for women. OWL is the only national membership organization to focus exclusively on critical issues facing women as they age.... more

I will be a moderator and commentator. Dr.Self, Burton Wolfe, and I each will have 20 fallacies of thinking and argumentation. If any states a fallacy, any of us can challenge it. If any lack of civility occurs the guilty will get one warning. The... more

My name is Danny Kofke and I am currently a special education teacher in Georgia. I have done something to show others how they can do well despite earning a modest income. I've been a teacher for almost ten years and am... more