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(Paul was here on 2/17/13. THIS session will focus more on the SEVEN TRUTHS).In our discussion you will again experience two people with some very strong OPPOSING opinions who manage to maintain not only civility, but demonstrate that - though they still disagree - they respect the other’s right to his POV and understand why he believes what he states. Below is from my review of Paul’s excellent book. It is not just for Christians, but anyone who wishes to better understand Jesus’ messages.

Paul Zecos is a man to be reckoned with. He is on a mission to impart his version of what Jesus’ messages were to humankind. His title’s subtitle - Theory of Everything - explains what he is attempting. I believe he is an heir to his Greek ancestors successes in doing that thousands of years earlier.I think he could make a series of short books that give more details and anecdotes, but get Paul’s POV on Jesus’s messages in that arena. His 7 Spirits of God that flow throughout the book give a set of principles that should be placed everywhere as a constant reminder of what each person needs to constantly keep in mind as s/he moves through the many institutions and organizations of each society. He does an excellent job of tying these into what should be as opposed to what exists. He states their hierarchy from the lowest to highest is justice, wisdom, forgiveness, holiness, grace, enlightenment, and finally to righteousness.  Definitely worth reading. 

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