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Have you heard this one? A woman goes to her priest and says, “Father, Father, please pray for my therapist.” The priest asks, “Why, my child?” The woman answers, “I am in therapy one hour a week, but my therapist is there all week long.”That one always makes me smile because there is some truth to it. Many therapists have reached their side of the desk after years of personal excavation and inner work. Many have been motivated by their own chaotic backgrounds to search for meaning and understanding. Many have discovered along the way that they have an innate affinity and sensitivity for the work. I am no exception to that general rule.I came to my work as a psychotherapist after years in business. It was my dream to sit in one-to- one consultations with people. I remember leading my first clinic client into my cubbyhole office and closing the thin door. I was the happiest woman alive. I had achieved my dream. I was a counselor!.It took me a few years to realize that I had actually been doing similar work in my corporate career. People are people, and the relationship issues, personality quirks, and deep questions do not disappear in the workplace.In one position I held, Human Resources was sending me all the problem employees. It was excellent, unintentional training. In retrospect, I believe that the gods had lined up everything in perfect order to prepare me for my future work in psychotherapy. I have needed all the tools, help, and tricks of the trade to work on creating balance in my life. Finding balance has been my holy grail. Decades of talking to people have taught me that I am not alone in this pursuit.The world is fast, and time seems to have accelerated. I have heard it said that our 24-hour days are really more like 16 hours.