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Dr.Kenneth Herman - SECRETS from the SOFA

  • Broadcast in Psychology



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I think Dr.Kenneth Herman would agree with me that most humans are seldom at peace, but in a state of disequilbrium. This is normal since the body and mind as a single entity is so complex that all or some part is trying to regain its balance.The same is true for each and every human relationship - a constant tug of war of controlling or being controlled.Further, Ken admits that, despite, his skill and successes helping individuals, couples, and groups he has been frustrated at the number who have refused or been unable to make even the first steps towards mental/emotional health. This is true for all those who work at trying to change any age human. Although learning is a natural aspect of humans, there is a resistance towards any change after any neural pattern has taken hold and becomes a thought less reaction.Any believed failures on his part were not from any lack of his skill, but the refusal by those so hard-wired for failure and negativity that they feared that any change would be worse than their known misery.So many people choose to do nothing to help themselves, because they may have made some initial feeble attempt at change and things got worse. these. Dr.Herman has written a self-help book that is easy to read, is filled with on the target anecdotes that are vivid and interesting, explanations that make sense, and exercises or to-do things that are - doable. An example is his self-Image exercise in which the person fills in a list of his positive and negative characteristics such as: assertive, creative,honest, helpful, worthwhile or lonely, fearful, lazy, rigid. It is a useful conversation tool to get him thinking about what he believes about himself.