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Robin Taylor - Sex & Conditioning

  • Broadcast in Health



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Our ideas on sex and sexuality mostly flow through to us from the collective consciousness by osmosis. Most of the thoughts in the collective around sex come from our parents or through schools – both of which are rooted in society's old religious beliefs. These are ones of shame, guilt, embarrassment & fear. Sex is bad, sex is wrong, sex is dirty, sex leads to disease,pregnancy.If sex so bad, so wrong, then why does it feel so good? Why is it that a healthy sex life in a relationship keeps us healthy & happy? Why is it that sex can even be a path to god (Tantra & Sacred Sexuality)? Maybe somehow we've  got it wrong about sex?It's time to question what we have been told about sex and put it up against what we know, what we really feel. And if the two viewpoints differ, we need to choose what WE believe.Now I am not saying that all people right now use sex in the right way and any form of sex is good. What I am saying is that if we changed our views on sex to sex is good, sex is healthy, sex is fun, sex vital to human development. Then we taught this to our children, taught them to love their bodies, to love themselves and how to use sex in a conscious way, would the world not be a totally different place? Can you even imagine what that world would be like?I can, that is why the Sexual Freedom Project is so important to me, and I as see it, important to the planet. Right now, our heads are filled with old thoughts & mostly someone else's old thoughts! It's time now to question the collective so humanity can evolve and grow.