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My book review of Art’s book.   If I had MY druthers I’d have a multitude of every type of “leaders” read Art’s book. I’m not naive so I’d have each be forced to respond to his arguments about what is wrong about each one’s area of “expertise.” Each would be as “accountable” just as they expect from those that are their underlings. If they didn’t prove their worth and make their area better than maintaining its status quo and ineffectiveness, they would face Art’s ire. This may result in consequences that would have them shaking in their boots as their booties would be in jeopardy.       Art is true philosopher. He “thinks” about things. He examines everything from democracy, corporations, schools to every day relationships. He does it with humor and fierce passion and clarity. Bravo, Art!       I admire his character and clarity, but I don’t agree with some of his beliefs, conclusions, or consequences. However, I know we’ll get anyone thinking. It’s our mutual goals.  FIVE stars. Art Rude, an associate professor of mathematics and physics at Bismarck State College, has penned My Druthers: Just One Guy’s Dreams and Ideas of How to Make the World a Better Place, and Return America to Democracy.  Druthers is a slang term for “I’d rather.”  The author has also been writing and performing original music for 35 years. Art says: Since I began writing the text of the book, the list has grown to 21 druthers, I’ve added some sub-druthers to fill out a topic, and I found the text changes with time.  I do not claim to know all the answers, I do claim to be looking for the answers and choose to share the results of my search with whoever will choose to read them. The text is dynamic and will be out of date by the time it is published with respect to specifics, but hopefully the ideas are applicable to the larger questions of how things should be.  I suspect if the good Lord allows me more days, the list will grow and the specifics will change as they always do.