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At a time when more and more synagogues and churches are seeing their practitioners going to the East to find truth, might the words of the Dalai Lama assist us to a new reality: "we don't need a new religion, we just need love?" Granted that organized religions are at the source of much warring and separation, Love has been consistently the One message of ALL prophets on this earth from "know thyself" to "love the stranger..." Now that we know what the goal is, how do we get there??It is likely that you have heard that beliefs create reality. It is also possible that you have asked yourself what are the beliefs that are responsible for the life situation you are now experiencing... And yet, in spite of all that good work, the situation is unchanged: the fullness of love, its peace and its generosity seem to escape you! Understandably, there may be some discouragement showing up for you, or even some resignation to a state of affairs never changing! And here are the magic words: what if? What if there was a path that was traced for us before the beginning of time, so intuitively pure that it took coming to the end of times and to the end of mind to recognize it? What if that path allowed each of us to fulfill the Law and really be LOVE? What if there was some hope after all--the expectancy of a revelation so beautiful it could assist anyone really wanting it (and that's the key--to be really wanting it) to transcend suffering? If there is still a part of you who is a dreamer and believes in happy endings then deepen our understanding of the Path of XPR. The Path of XPR is authored by Mahalene Louis through 26+ years of work dedicated to self-knowledge, through the embodied study of languages, religions, creativity, fine arts, nutrition, science and human development. It is through devoted inquiry and faithful listening that Maha opened for the breakthrough of the LOVE QKode, the psychological and practical decoding of the Hebrew Torah. maha@empoweringnow.com