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My book THE COMPLETE TEACHER includes the SELF-SUSTAINING CLASSROOM.This is the educational equivalent of what Michael is doing with emPOWERING NOW. Mission of emPowering NOW Radio & The 4 Motions for Next Generation Leaders | here The mission of emPowering NOW radio is to gather, witness and empower “next generation” leaders and visionaries via open hearted conversation towards perceiving a universal path to assist the transition of humanity from a world operating mainly in greed to a world of grace. Towards this outcome, emPowering NOW is proposing 4 motions for ”next generation” leaders. We would like to discuss these in the context of your project and our conversation together.   The 4 Motions include: 1 Self-Knowledge—the Ultimate Destination: understanding intellectually that we are One is a great beginning; sustainably embodying that knowing is life’s ultimate goal.  2.  The Power to Transform: ALL complaints in the physical world stem from uninvestigated beliefs (body follows mind—as long as there is a mind to follow). When awakening beyond the mind, we know that we are LOVE. That knowing gives us the power to naturally transform. 3. FULL Response-ability: the more sensible motions 1 and 2 are to us, the more we become willing to take FULL responsibility for the part(s) of us that are still invested in communicating separation. 4. Compassionate Partnering: being real about realizing where our mind separates, we welcome the lapses in LOVE and the misuses of power as opportunities to inquire and awaken. Emotional pain or undue tiredness are our clues that something is up. When that occurs, whether independently or co-dependently, we ask ourselves what LOVE would do: a.       Turn down the invitation for growth, go to sleep and let the divine partnership/work expire?      Talk about it inter-developmentally, heal the “warp” and know the truth that sets us free? CEO, XPR Coach, Consultant emPowering NOW LLC. website: www.emPoweringNOW.com