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DANTELION JONES - Mind Control Language Patterns

  • Broadcast in Psychology



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Intriguing New Book Discusses Language Patterns That Can Help or Hurt the People Who Hear Them  Spoken phrases that act as “triggers” influence and control how we respond more than most people recognize  If you’ve ever been intrigued by how certain people seem to be able to skillfully use language to get what they want, good or bad, this book is for you.  “Language patterns are a unique form of covert hypnotic suggestion” begins the introduction to Mind Control Language Patterns by author Dantalion Jones.   Just a few enticing chapter titles include the following: “Taking Mind Control from the Laboratory to the Streets,” “Using Your Voice to Control Emotions,” “When I Talk About Me I’m Talking About You,” “Instantly Manipulate Your Social Status,” and “How to Open the Door to a Woman’s Heart.”  Sophisticated yet fully comprehensible, Mind Control Language Patterns is a fascinating look at the language that undergirds our society and, in more cases than most suspect, manipulates it.  Indeed, “dark” patterns exist that can hurt people. To this end, Jones explains that human beings are in less control than we think over how language affects us. Nonetheless, understanding language patterns and how they work is the first step toward resisting what seems to be a remarkably powerful tool toward mind control.