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Yes, when people get “stuck in positions and beliefs” they repeat “the same mistakes.”  This is true of diet and nutrition, and this has a deleterious effect on the health our country.  Americans avoid some of the healthiest foods on account of they’re being “ethnic.”  Instead of being eaten, these foods are ridiculed.  Some examples are collards, stereotyped as African American, bitter melon stereotyped as Asian, and nopal cactus stereotyped as Mexican.  How ironic that most of the “superfoods” touted on the news are basically examples of ethnic food.  Americans don’t like bitter taste.  That is, the perception is that bitter taste is bad.  Bitter tasting foods are avoided. This is sad because bitter is one of the essential tastes – that’s why gourmet dishes always have a bitter  element.   Physiologically, bitter taste detoxifies the body and reduces sugar cravings.  This is what our country needs.  The “mistakes” we suffer due to the avoidance of ethnic foods and bitter foods are dramatic.  Diabetes is skyrocketing. Obesity is epidemic.  These conditions are not getting better.  Maybe we should re-think our diet.  Owner, since 1992,