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THE COMPLETE TEACHER - One Vision of what is or what could, should be!

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Our schools are NOT the total disasters that some say. Neither are they close to fulfilling what they could or should be. In this and following episodes my creative guests and I will be asking difficult questions and exploring what should be – and is in some schools and classes throughout the country. They prove what can be done when people have the legal freedom to do it. In 50 years as a teacher and teacher trainer I developed increasingly effective ways to get my students to be independent, self-aware, self-confident, self-motivated and – get them to accept responsibility and fair consequences for their behavior. I did this from 1962 on with every type of school, student, and combination classes in four large districts.. In the process it has morphed into what I now call the Self-Sustaining Classroom (SSC). At first, although I could see clearly what wasn’t working, I couldn’t figure out why. I depended on my intuitive sense of justice and my stumbling attempts at individualizing. However, I’d always been an eclectic reader and gradually I saw how I could apply knowledge gleaned from economics, ethnology, chemistry, history or some other discipline to solve my education problems. I didn’t realize it, but I was making paradigm shifts in my thinking. For years I had been angry when I heard my successes were due to my “charisma.” Or I was an easy” teacher. In the mid Seventies it came together. I had the philosophy, theories, techniques, and methodology down pat. I could finally explain and teach others not only how, but why to do the SSC. Each episode will bring new insights as my guests and I will explore what we have done and how you can use these or modify them to fit your teaching or parenting style. In most episodes you will be able to interact by asking questions or sharing your successes. So, welcome to my world!