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ICAA Radio is on! As an additional free outreach service, ICAA Radio welcomes all kinds of guests related to all kinds of topics relevant to the community we serve. We like having service providers, advocates and public officials on the program to keep informed and up to date. We also hope the program helps our many listeners access services, or access charities to assist. The International Coalition for Autism and all Abilities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the public through charitable efforts, education and advocacy.Our work is centered on ensuring society grows to include, accommodate and support all citizens with all abilities. We will discuss issues relating to the Autism Spectrum and society in the aspects of education, legal, current events and other issues. We will discuss action alerts, and various cases ongoing in the community as well as ICAA charitable and public service projects. We invite you to join us in our efforts to leave our world better than how we found it. ICAA Radio guests do not represent or reflect ICAA. ICAA does not endorse ICAA Radio guests. ICAA Radio guests are independent of ICAA and ICAA Radio. ICAA does not pay guests for their appearances. To be a guest on the ICAA Radio program, contact ICAA via the website.

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Tara Heidinger is here again this evening to talk about the need for cameras in classrooms, and recent news about advances she is making. We'll discuss ways the community is organizing for pushing this initiative. To learn more about the... more

The ICAA Radio hosts get in depth on autism advocacy on tonight's show. How does apathy affect the community? How can fear hurt meaningful progress? Should the "autism community" unite? Autism news of the week will also be... more

Most advocates are aware that relevant federal (and state) laws deem that every child is entititled to a free, appropriate, public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Texas parents, Angelica and Peter Earls' are... more

A recent Gallup poll showed that many Americans believe the best schooling for students with autism and other differences would be a separate building from nondisabled peers. Each year families and groups report that school districts try... more

Former Anthrax guitarist, Dan Spitz and his wife, Candi are famous autism parents. In the past they both spoke publicly about their struggles living a busy, rock star lifestyle and two young children with special needs. Candi seemed... more

The movement for cameras in classrooms has been seeing some action lately. Activist, Tara Heidinger joins us to talk about all the updates. Heidinger has headed up a national campaign to get cameras in classrooms and even on... more

We're discussing news of the week in the autism community, including the Autism Speaks boycotts, warior moms like Jenny McCarthy (heavily inflienced by embattled former UK doctor, Andrew Wakefield) roaring about vaccines, and the... more

Bullying cannot continue to be such a problem without the help of bystanders. Bystanders are the people who stand by, see the bullying happen, but decide to do nothing. Why do people choose to be bystanders? What is the difference... more

This week we're back with the ICAA Radio series on bullying. We've discussed what bullying is, and is not. We have discussed who the bullies are. This week we will discuss how people can become bullies and what we can do about it in the... more

Advocates protest Autism Speaks summit in DC, John Elder Robison resigns, and anger over JRC being welcomed as a resource fair exhibitor. Tune in tonight as we discuss these events, how it affects progress, and the overall community.... more
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