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Spirit of Eliyahu

Spirit of Eliyahu


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A show which deals intelligently and intensely with those much misunderstood scriptures in both the so-called "Old" and "New Testaments". Presented from a Natzarim Hebrew/Jewish perspective. Your host is Natzarim Teacher Ian Michaels who holds a Bachelors in Messianic Prophecies and has been teaching and preaching the unadulterated Instructions of our Heavenly Father for 30 years. He and his wife, Nava, who herself is a minister of prophecy and teacher, co-shepherd Congregation Beth Menuchah in Missouri.

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What is the result of rejecting truth? Delusion! And once delusion takes hold, nothing but a miracle can set you free. Our entire world is under a strong delusion....even those of the elect. Join us as we discuss the power of this... more

So, what does Messiah have to do with this "festival of lights" as Hanukkah is called? What is the light of Genesis chapter one? These and more questions will be explored with an illuminating conclusion!

What is wrong with celebrating Christmas? What is the big deal? And what about Hanukkah? Isn't that just another man-made holiday? So much debate on this issue at this season. In this broadcast, we will take a critical look at both of... more

The Apostle Paul (Shaliach Sha'ul) was and is one of the most misunderstood characters in the Apostolic Writings. Tune in with me today at 11AM CST as we take a deeper look at this controversial man and unravel the mystery as to what... more

In this week's broadcast we'll be continuing our reexamination of the Apostle Paul. Controversial and mysterious, and unbeknownst to each group Christians, Messianics, Netzarim, and Traditional Jews alike all agree on one thing... more

In this episode we're going to take a closer look at the widely misunderstood and misused portions from Hebrews and Romans.

The Apostle Paul (Shaliach Sha'ul) is one of the most misunderstood characters in the Apostolic Writings. Join me today at 11AM CST/12PM EST as we unravel this "mystery man" and discover who he truly was and what his mission to the... more

In this broadcast we're going to discuss the embedded codes that are found in the Peshitta (the original Brit Chadasha).

This is part 3 of a recurring series on a sytematic look at Messianic prophecies showing evidence of the true nature embedded in the ancient Scriptures of Israel! ================================= Rabbi Ian K. Michaels has served... more

A systematic look at Messianic prophecies, and evidence of the true nature of Messiah embedded in the ancient Scriptures of Israel.