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Swine flu pandemic scare, Government forced vaccinations, Death on a global scale

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Michael Ian Henry

Michael Ian Henry


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Yes once again Brothers and Sisters its time to rail against the coming immoral Luciferian New World Order tyranny, and injustice!!! Need I say more?.......This is deadly serious stuff Amerika. Several noted doctors have already stated, that the "swine flu" is largely benign and for the most part, a scare tactic and a hoax. So why are the people being mentally conditioned, maneuvered and media programmed (frightened) into accepting these vaccinations, to be initiated by October this year 2009? Is this an orchestrated ploy to facilitate the implementation of Barrack Obama's currently failing "Universal" health care plan? Did you know that our very own government,is planning to make these vaccinations mandatory,that our children will be given this shot at school against their own parents wishes or knowledge. Those who refuse to take the shot will be subject to huge fines and incarceration, and for some both, as your only valid option! The Mass state govt has already made this law! Next is at the Federal level! Another topic that will be addressed is what is called the Codex Alimentarius. So what is this codex? Well (again) according to doctors and health experts, this is a global plan to "reintroduce" formerly outlawed TOXINS into our "GLOBAL" food supply combined with mass irradiation of our food, to take effect this Dec 31 2009. If you think that the deaths of 3-4 BILLION people out of a planet of 6.5 Billon is just an other wacko nut job conspiracy theory, then you had bloody well think again! Also time permitting, we will be discussing the Obama campaign promise of an civilian security force to be as equally strong and equipped as our current United States Military forces! Sounds like an "Internal State sanctified" force to me, remember well brothers and sisters in Nazi Germany this very type security force was called the Gestapo! Michael Ian Henry, your host and.......FEMA RED LIST MEMBER!