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Michael Ian Henry

AREA 33 Biblical/ Secular conspiracy Paranormal talk Radio


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Welcome to Area 33. One of our primary aims here at Area 33 is to Expose the reality of the New World Order. While ever striving to educate the masses in an effort to lift the veil of deception that enshrouds Amerika and her beautiful people. While hopefully promoting some critical thinking,in a land of Media brain washed citizens. We also wish to bring to you our listeners, shows and guests from many vast and varied topics, such as UFOs, Hollow Earth, the Jesuit Order,Cryptozoology etc, and hopefully so much more! We also look forward to bringing to you some really Awesome music now and again, and what we will always hope and strive for, will be even better Talk radio. So bring your thinking caps,open a bottle of wine with your host, and bring an "open mind" because after all Mates, it is AREA 33!. As always, all are most welcome to call in during the show, we look forward to hearing from you. Also as a new addition to our show format we here at AREA 33 want to encourage and hear from those listeners who themselves have invested their personal time and have researched the more 'unusual topics', and the more out of the box the better! Because WE WANT TO HAVE YOU ON THE SHOW! So let your hard work be heard! We want to hear your material. Lets have some fun together! So be prepared and possibly a little suprised, maybe even amazed now and then at some of the topics most people would never think to be found in the Bible, and how they are actually playing out in our current time. Biblical and Secular conspiracy and paranormal talk radio all within a civil, respectful environment....unless of course were talking about the New World Order, then listen in and see how our 'tone' changes!!! With your host Michael Ian Henry. Streaming to you with atitude live and unafraid from the 33rd latitude from ever sunny and always strange Roswell New Mexico...

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As the title says, it was one year ago today that Area 33 first broadcast to you Live from Roswell New Mexico! In that time many things have been happening in our world. A year in review will be some of the items disscussed, With a... more

The first of a series of anti New World Order broadcasts, which will extend through out the remainder of this year 2009 AD. All things Treason, and all things Conspiracy with out the theory! Many varied topics will be disscussed, and... more

L.A. Marzulli, D Min is the author of the fictional "Nephilim Trilogy" (published by Zondervan) and the non-fiction "Politics, Prophecy and The Supernatural." He holds an honorary doctorate (D. Min.) from Pacific International University for his... more

David Ruffino Webmaster and founder of the Delusion Resistance Co founder of P.A.A.P.S.I. the Paranormal Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International David James Ruffino, LPT, works in Pharmacy services during the day and as a... more

Yes once again Brothers and Sisters its time to rail against the coming immoral Luciferian New World Order tyranny, and injustice!!! Need I say more?.......This is deadly serious stuff Amerika. Several noted doctors have already stated, that the... more

World Alien Resistance Network. The Roswell 2009 Ancient of days Christian symposium on aliens and more! A modern guide to Demons and Fallen Angels For this show we will be talking about her latest revisions to her book, and the... more

Back for a return interview....... is Jim Wilhelmsen. Author, Pastor, former curator of the Museum of 'Alternate Realities' of Roswell NM and Former Stardust Radio Internet talk show host! Jim is known for his controversial stance on the reality... more

Rodney Cluff http://www.ourhollowearth.com Author of World top secret: Our earth is hollow Could the earth, moon, planets and stars all be hollow bodies? Amazingly the answer is Yes!, and very likely inhabited from within! So come... more

With our very special guest Eric Jon Phelps. World famous author, of Vatican Assassins "Wounded in the House of my Friends" has agreed to be Interviewed at AREA 33! If you are truly looking for some highly explosive, and controversial... more
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