i am free will

In The Sprit of things Divine Proportion , Peter ,Jon, Kurt ..Special

i am free will

i am free will

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Join Peter,Jon and special guest  Kurt kallenbach for an Amazing night !! this is gonna be a hot call if you miss this your gonna get left behind, last wek it was DNA, this week Divine Proportion - Call in to speak with hosts or just to listen in  646-478-4075  Highlights

Peter  will be on in his full out glory with his  in your face no holds barred get off the F%^K&^G plantaion NOW!!  Become a man in your full standing or else warning to the masses! Learn how to take back the  assumtions that take your power and status, learn mind body and spirit  Can you handel the no BS truth with Peter the Doc of true remedy the Reccission Master and man with a heart of gold.at www.privatis.me

Kurt is back with new information to get you to the next level of understanding  with more amazing next level infomation to blow your ever loving mind ..welcome to the cutting edge when its comes to next level finds in this sea of illision kurt is a truley on another frequency

Jon from www.suijuris.me will be on talking about lawful remedy taking over your court and lawful letters like only a handful teach, how to walk  in full diminion wether it be law contracts or remedy or dealing with complaints with a claim Join him and his  next level moments where  the greastest advanced intelects come to to share insight on next level mind body and spirit secrets.

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