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Beautiful Size Part2


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This is April I'm supper excited about this month series "BEAUTIFUL SIZE" I am talking to woman who are confident, sexy, smart, business owners, models, queens etc. This is part 2 of the month long series BEAUTIFUL SIZE. Again we will be talking to women who are confident, sexy, bold and so much more. The women on the show today are willing to open up to us about what makes them so confident at their size and what made them stand on their platform of positive body images.

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My guest is a treasure that I found by sending out a post on Facebook looking for guest. I'm happy to have connected to Tyronda Smith, better known as Shyne. A business owner /stylist of Tha 2nd look urban thrift shop, that caters to but not... more

Excited about this show! I have two FABULOUS guest. A pageant Queen and Plus Size Model. This show is full of pretty young ladies who are on two different roads but heading to one destination and that is ACHIEVEMENT. My first... more

I'm excited!! Why? I have KP Miller back in the house. That's right one of our guest from last week is back this week to finish what she started. We will talking about the PROS/CONS of being in the spotlight and holding on to a relationship... more

PLUS SIZE ACCEPTANCE!! Why are we (plus size women) so critical of one another? Why are we so accepted in other countries and cultures? My guest today; Dr. Maria Merrills is currently an Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies at... more

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! What are your Holiday Traditions? Are you starting a Holiday Tradition? What is a Holiday Tradition? What is your favorite song for the Holidays and why? Favorite food; those must haves. Now what will... more

Excited about this show! We are talking about SUCCESS!!. Are you using the right tools in your toolbox; to build your solid success? What is SUCCESS? What are the TOOLS? My guest is the beautiful and FABULOUS Maurica Rica Real... more

Are you popluar? Could you alone and still be popular? Why come being alone is considered being a looser? Are we so focused on our status? Changing your perspective about popularity can be hard. Popularity means a great deal to... more

MORALITY principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. A particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society. Excited about my show!!!... more

I'm so excited about this show. Because my topic hits home with me. Dibetes I live with it on a daily basics. I can't stop taking my insulin and I must go to my Diabetes Dr. Every three months; why? I want to live and live a life of freedom. I... more

QUEENS TIMES TWO on the show Tiffany Christina and Susan Miceli. Tiffany Christina is a longtime resident of Aurora, Illinois. Her pageant career started in 1999 at the Miss Illinois USA pageant. She has since competed in the Miss.... more