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I am Worthy exists to educate,celebrate, affirm and heal women.

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Big Mommas upset! She's not having it anymore... she is weeping and, we her chlidren have turned a deaf ear. Many scientists warn that we are likely to pass the tipping point for irreversible climate change within this decade. NC WARN, founded in the late 1980s, is working to avert runaway climate and economic chaos.Join us for an informative conversation with organizers Ravin St Julien Brown and Kim Porter. They will share more about the programs of NC Warn and they will help us understand the impact of the Coal Ash, also we will learn how we can become engage in climate protection overall.
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Do you want to know more about health disparities in our community? Do you want to understand how you can do more to address these issues, in your community? Join us for an enlightening conversation with Dr. Melicia Whitt-... more

Our focus for the month of April is on the environment, there is so much information, options and opportunities to do the right things, that we oftern become overwhelmed . an well just do nothing. Let's see if we can figure out... more

National news and cultural spinners would have us believe that America suffers greatly from the marital status of it's women. Mothers raising their children without a marriage partner is not new however the current narrative would have us... more

There is a rennaisance happening in the world of pregnancy and birth. Women have a plethora of choices, giving birth can indeed be a magical and sacred exeperience. Join us has we learn from ShLanda Burton a DONA certified... more

Join us live on Sunday Morning for a powerful conversation with Sista Shawnee Benton - Gibson and her daughter They are a part of the collective that created and the MotherWit Conference. Co-creators Shawnee Benton-Gibson,... more

Uzuri ( Beauty in Swahilli ),is I am Worthy's Leadership Development program for young women. As we celebrate the life and work of Harriet Tubman and consider the way she made for all of us, we thought it was important to hear from the... more

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Take a moment a breathe .. solace for your soul, space for your spirit to ascend.

Dr. King and the movement.. the women who shaped him

Join us in February as we celebrate, educate heal and affirm women