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Hypervocal Primates


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Two hypervocal primates have aimless conversations every Friday. Join John Bonomi (@TehRoxor), a bearded gentleman and web programmer, and Joe Callan (@EditorialJoe), a self described media hound and jackass-of-all-trades. Conversations might range anywhere from ephemeral happenings to music to tech to current events to the fate of mankind.

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Pedobear: When Memes Attack; Which font is the biggest ***hole; Sanity-destroying airline seats; Name your favorite fast food. We cover the primary results for the upcoming 2010 election (not really), and Hypervocal... more

We don't even know. We think it's going to be awesome though.

On this week's HyVoPrime, The folk hero flight attendant, a kid that likes Vin Diesel way too much for his own good, and a man with a pea plant in his lung. We talk Internet Privacy and 1-2-3-and a bonus covers superpowers and... more

Our FIRST OFFICIAL EPISODE. In this week's Hypervocal Primates, A crappy DUI stop, The good and bad about the strikedown of prop. 8, and a dog who is also an amateur surgeon. We talk about cybernetics for a few minutes, and... more

The Hypervocal Primates give their review of Inception. This week's "1-2-3 and a bonus" deals with living in vehicles, geographic features, space colonies, and hypothetical presidential picks. in "Hypervocal Reflexes," Windows, Mac or... more

Internet identity, victory for naughty words, diet protons, and a cautious crossing-of-the-fingers that BP's cap of the well leak will remain a success. In an awkward transition to a lighter side of the show, we host our premier segments... more

Smart phones, flying cars, copyrights, and nutmeg abusers.

THE STATUS UPDATE. News: General McChrystal, IBM's Watson, .xxx domain. Main discussion: The Status Update, the informatic cousin of the away message, its transformation to a live personal tracker and eventual graduation to medium.

The Hypervocal Primates introduce themselves; a segment on our favorite internet hangouts; a discussion of our experiences with the internet, past and present. It's going to be a half-hour of information-aged fun.
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