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the topics discussed in the show are mainly geared towards the prominant abstract thinker. Also, deep occultist, metaphysicians, and scientific humanoids, are the desired choice of listener. However, the show is for every living and non-living thing in this dimension of time and space. A vast leap into what we call relative reality and the study of it gave way to HYPER-TALK. You are now traveling at the speed of thought welcome aboard.

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Blacks Law Meets Every day living and understanding. 2012 spirits dimensions rituals

the history of Learning the difination of curriculum and how the powers that be put them in place and why? Who is to blame in and who invented the snerio. the higher cognitive aspect of the paradime in society & it's structural purposes. How... more

the art of looking activiating your god particule.. the #2 exercise, piss exersice and water[intro-to water magic]and many others..common everyday things to advance the god in you, also how to change the puliraty and energy within you in... more

the ancient alchmey of thouhgts....How did we lose of full knowledge of the upper-self, where did it go, and for how long.how do one bend the reality around them. also, from where did this information originate...who is god what is... more

this entire show will be freestlye abstarct

The black women is the vortex of: life space,distance,and time. the gift and curse of having a big ass other phyical attractions that enduce different behavoir responses. how her body becomes the template for a humanistic... more

the ritualistic aspect of sex and controlling your energy & breath during the process.internet is the key, in this practice building your Imagination during, prior, and after the act/scene that determinds create a vortex/portal energy... more

the growth of the computer age and the downsize if the physical books and tangable librarys. Also, how the chip age(computer)brings and end to the paper age, which ushers a new non-emitonal timewave and presents in the... more

how life and death process works, what effects does this play on the mind of the family members and love ones that are left behind.Since many ancient books don't go in to a great detail, this show will be greared towards personall... more

how colors play a major role in an indiviuals thinking and how it corralates to his/her reality.also, is psychic messages real, how long have they if so.how and from what realm are they getting this informantion. interpetating your own signs... more