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Three hours on Tuesday and Thursday of music and guests. Hybrid Jazz is a vision of all that is Jazz - both traditional & contemporary, domestic & global

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Born in Barcelona, our guest on 11/19/2014 has made QUITE a splash in his adopted country. Besides the fact that he just voted for the first time - as an American citizen :) Oscar Penas (I can't wait to say his last name: PEA Nyas!)... more

Oh, yes, I HEAR you! "What? Where has she BEEN?!" Hah! We all missed her, didn't we? We'll get those Where's Waldo answers tomorrow - when Joyce Cooling visits us at three p.m. Eastern time! Remember that - for Tuesday, 11/18... more

Yes, you are correct - you have seldom seen the word "Favorite" in the title of the show :) The most versatile Renaissance Man that we're featuring is the reason. Besides being so staggeringly talented, Slim is also a friend. And it's ALWAYS a... more

Ooooh, this is gonna be a "Red Cups UP" interview! Hah! That's one of the tunes on Joey Sommerville's new CD, "Overnight Sensation" (oh, the irony THERE!). The song was lauded by "USA Today" columnist, Elysa Gardner. She just... more

It has been several years since Tom Lagana and I have had the chance to talk. Let's just say that he's a BUSY man. Here's why: Tom's a Jazz guitarist - but also well known for his master classes in Classical. And he has performed with... more

Amazing Gary Grainger is pulling double time on Tuesday, 11/4! Not only is he joining us during the first hour of the show, but he has to RUN after 30 minutes to his sound check at Ram's Head in Annapolis. That's where he takes the stage... more

Oh can this episode of "Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey" be described? Let's try :) First, the FUN planned for you is too amazing for words. Carefully chosen songs for the season of Halloween - some funky, some scary -... more

The pride of Toronto is about to visit us - and so many couldn't be happier! Rob Tardik is an extraordinary guitarist - award-winning - and is in love with the idea of a global vision regarding Jazz. He's also a profoundly respected teacher,... more

Really good memories have been made in Baltimore - and you're about to HEAR one of them on 10/23/2014 :) Lionel Lyles has been firmly entrenched in the Charm City music scene for YEARS - even when he was attending North... more

If you are not acquainted with the genius and the greatness of Mary Lou Williams, please let us introduce you to one of the most amazing figures in Jazz history. Pianist, Arranger and Composer, Mary Lou was beloved by MANY - including... more