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Trish Hennessey

Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey


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Three hours on Tuesday and Thursday of music and guests. Hybrid Jazz is a vision of all that is Jazz - both traditional & contemporary, domestic & global

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When you see Audrey Silver's website, what "pops" are the many quotes about her astounding vocal abilities. Christoper Loudon from "Jazz Times" was especially complimentary. And that's an understatement: he compared Audrey to Sinatra! This New York based enchantress is also a bandleader as well as arranger. That's important - but attention must be paid to what she is able to convey in a song. Inflection, emotion, story-telling. It's why singers become so intrinsic to our everyday life. When you hear honesty, relate to the message. Her voice but personal to YOU. The background that our guest possesses is impressive. Years of classical training - starting when she was little on both piano and cello. She listened to her Dad's collection of Broadway musicals. And she adored Fred Astaire. Her gravitation was always toward VOICE. At Brown University, she pursued that passion avidly. Founding the school's first Jazz a cappella group. After graduation, Audrey worked in marketing at CBS - which became Sony Classical. Along the way, she received a MBA at Columiba University. She also managed to find a job within the halls of the prestigious Ogilvy and Mather Advertising Agency. In the 90's, Audrey was encouraged by a wise friend to pursue singing professionally. Blissfully, she took his advice - mentored along the way by the great Mark Murphy. Why this extraordinary talent is visiting us on 1/19/2017: "Very Early." Interesting name for an album - we'll ask :) Combining artistry with Audrey: Bruce Barth on piano and Lewis Nash on bass. You DO understand that greatness attracts the same, right? Join us for a most anticipated visit on 1/19 - we start our show at ONE p.m. Eastern. Audrey joins us at two.
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