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Lifestyle of today's African American Maisha Na Elimu

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Fox News Host on Making Money and Payne Nation Charles Payne suspended for sexual harassment with another woman who is also married. The woman is saying that she was coerced into having sexual allegations with a black man... more

This year a Jury decided to give a Maryland family $1.26 million dollars for a pet dog, a Labrador retriever who was shot and killed by a veteran deputy. This judgment will make this dog the highest paid animal police killing of all time. Are... more

The Twin Cities want to put a fund in Philando Castile name to train officers in different communities, race relations, how to act and behave in certain situations. The state of Minnesota has allowed Philando Castile Uncle to be on the... more

In this episode I will talk about why Colin Kapernick didn't stand up for the pledge of allegiance. And what it means to Black People and how and what Black People should do to help Out Colin Kapernick just in case his teammates, management,... more

We will talk about how Dr. Sebi mysteriously dies in Honduras police custody. He mysteriously dies of pnuemonia and lack of nutrition. How no one knew that he was in jail, and why police officers didn't give Dr. Sebi a bond amount to get... more

In this episode we sit down and discuss what exactly is the Save More Kids Project really is with Owner and Founder Quanuquanei A. Karwne

Tonite we will be interviewing Ras Ben authof of Rocks of Ages. We will be discussing the ancient crystal technology of our ancestors. This technology has healing qualities and can help combat harmful radiation coming off of electronic... more

In this episode we learn about the importance of organizing family members, how to learn their strengths and weaknesses how to gain trust amongst them and preparing them for your death. We will dig deep into the minds of our people to... more

We at Husia Radio will like to give a thank you to the artist formally known as Prince, for his accomplishments and his legacy.

In this episode I talk about the kniving, lying and backstabbing black people do to make it on their jobs, and how they lie to their own people to get accepted. All the while they are lying like toads on a lily pad waiting to take a leap, to be a coon.