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Mott Community College Teams up with Hurley Orthopedics

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Please tune in with Cathy Metz, MBA, a licensed Physical Therapist.  Cathy is the Service Line Administrator for Orthopedics & General Surgery at Hurley Medical Center.  She is joining us to speak about Hurley's relationship as the hospital of choice in Flint, Michigan for Mott Community College's team athletes.


0:00 Ilene Cantor

This Think Healthy, Think Hurley interview was brought to you by Hurley Medical Center, the region's premiere public teaching hospital in Flint, Michigan. This Blog TalkRadio is another way Hurley is educating the greater Genesee County Community about health and wellness. For more than a century, Hurley has been providing the most comprehensive clinical and compassionate care for patients and their families. I'm your host Ilene Cantor and today's topic is Hurley's relationship with Mott Community College in Flint, as the hospital of choice for the Mott team athletes. Joining us now is Cathy Metz, the Service Line Administrator for Orthopedic Services and General Surgery. Cathy is also a licensed Physical Therapist. Thank you for joining us today.

0:39 Cathy Metz

Hi Ilene.

0:40 Ilene Cantor

Can I ask a question Cathy? Tell me about the relationship with Hurley and Mott Community College, and how they came about?

0:46 Cathy Metz

Well, Hurley's had an informal relationship with Mott through the years. The athletic trainers from Hurley Sports Care Physical Therapy have been providing game coverage for the men's, women's basketball as well women's volleyball. But the problem we were having was getting athletes that rapid ER access and better access to orthopedic physicians when they were injured. So this year, we met with the director of Hurley's Emergency Room and the Sports Medicine physicians at Family Orthopedics to discuss providing a greater continuum of care and a more efficient way to access care and this led us to a very formalized process of providing care coverage for Mott athletes.

1:31 Ilene Cantor

Tell me some types of injuries that these athletes could experience during a given season.

1:37 Cathy Metz

Well, the most common types of injuries they usually experienced are knee and ankle injuries. It's probably, unfortunately the most common being the injury to the anterior cruciate ligament or known as the ACL, but we see a lot of ligament sprains and muscle strains.

1:54 Ilene Cantor

Tell me a little bit of what will happen upon entry when an athlete comes in to the emergency department at Hurley. What will the change be?

2:02 Cathy Metz

The coaches and the trainers at Mott will now have a kind of a fast-track pass much like you get to get in the line faster ride, it is the amusing part, but basically, the athlete will bring that with them and then identify them as needing immediate attention and when they bring that, plus their student ID, they'll present that to the emergency room attendants and then we will expedite their care.

2:29 Ilene Cantor

What should athlete, parents, coaches know more about this exciting relationship? What is the bottom line?

2:36 Cathy Metz

I think what's really exciting is that we are going to have a much more seamless pattern of care for our Mott athlete. The typical residential college, that system is kind of priority-based. It's a university-based system of care and the second that players are injured, they're taken care of until they will return to play. We wanted to help create that format in this community and we really think that's going to help players return to their sport faster and more safely.

3:03 Ilene Cantor

Along with the players being treated by the connections we have with the family orthopedics and our really gifted orthopedic surgical staff, what should the public know about the entire continuum of care that we offer everyday here at Hurley orthopedic-wise and otherwise?

3:21 Cathy Metz

We were buzzed in this community to have a lot of talented physicians who practiced at Hurley Medical Center and I think just this open dialogue and this greater communication between the services, services we provide both in the emergent and in the rehab and having that dialogue and relationship with this institution will just strengthen our care in this program.

3:46 Ilene Cantor

If there is one way that you would sum up the orthopedic care that we do provide here, how would you sum that up Cathy?

3:53 Cathy Metz

I think our clinical excellence. Anyway it's a phrase we use a lot, but seriously clinical excellence. We have the most highly-trained staff and nurse in all these areas that I've been talking about today and we may not be a university-based college medical center for these athletes that attend boarding and residential colleges, but we have a great system in place to take care of them.

4:17 Ilene Cantor

And so athletes can rest easy knowing this really strong clinical and personal relationship is in place, correct?

4:25 Cathy Metz

I think so. And even more so, parents. Some of our Mott athletes come from out-of-town and actually take up residency, but their parents and family members are far away. So I think it's going to bring peace of mind. Not only are we reaching out to the players that are generator from our own community, but we're showing parents who send their kids here from other community how much Hurley cares.

4:47 Ilene Cantor

That's wonderful. Thank you so much for the time you're taking today. Cathy Metz, Service Line Administrator for Orthopedic and General Surgery at Hurley Medical Center. This Think Healthy, Think Hurley interview was brought to you by Hurley Medical Center. If you would like to find a Hurley physician, please call 888-611-4HMC.