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Fitness for Women

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Please tune in for today’s topic - Fitness for Women. Joining us is Nancy Norris at Hurley Health and Fitness Center in Flint, MI - the only medically based fitness facility in Genesee County.


0:00 Ilene Cantor

This Think Healthy, Think Hurley interview was brought to you by Hurley Medical Center, the region's premier public teaching hospital in Flint Michigan. This Blog TalkRadio is another way Hurley is educating the Genesee County Community and beyond about health and wellness. For more than a century, Hurley has been providing the most comprehensive clinical and compassionate care for patients and their families. I am your host Ilene Cantor and today's topic is Fitness for Women. Joining us now is Nancy Norris, a Group Exercise Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainer at Hurley Health and Fitness Center in Flint, the only medically-based fitness facility in the city of Flint, Michigan. Thank you for joining us Nancy.

0:37 Nancy Norris

It's my pleasure.

0:38 Ilene Cantor

Nancy what would say the best advice would be for a woman that's thinking about beginning a fitness or exercise routine into their life?

0:48 Nancy Norris

I think the very first thing that's someone should do is go to your physician and tell your doctor exactly what you're planning on starting and get their clearance first. I think you have to find out if you're healthy enough to get started in an exercise program.

1:07 Ilene Cantor

What types of exercise would you say or great way to get started once you get the bill of health from your personal physician?

1:14 Nancy Norris

I think the most important thing for someone to think about is starting out slowly. So I would recommend beginning with a walking program and just begin taking maybe even a 10-minute, 15-minute walk most days of the week and then just as time goes on, just lengthening that and making getting up to a 30-minute walk, but you want to start out really slowly. So, a walk would be the perfect way to do it.

1:44 Ilene Cantor

What would you say the biggest mistake women make, when starting a routine? Do a lot of women gets frustrated because the pounds are coming all so fast and then stop? I mean, do you see that type of thing?

1:55 Nancy Norris

Yes. We do see that a lot, but I think our biggest mistake is we try to make too many changes at one time. We know that we have to add exercise to our life. We know that we have to change our eating habits. So, we try to do it all on day 1 and that is impossible for anybody to do that. So, the important thing is don't try to make all of the changes at once. Take little steps and make small changes at first and then add changes as you go along.

2:30 Ilene Cantor

And you touched upon this a moment ago, but tell us the importance of instituting a healthy diet, when formulating an exercise routine into your life.

2:41 Nancy Norris

Well, you know a lot of people feel that they have to lose some weight before they can even start exercising and that isn't the case. Exercise and healthy eating have to be a lifestyle. It is not something you do just to get ready for the class reunion or for a big family gathering that is coming up. It is really, really important to incorporate both and it is just like if a car needed premium gas and you put regular gas in the car. It is not going to run as well. The parts aren't going to work as well and that is what happens when we don't put healthy food in our body. Our body doesn't work as well. It doesn't function as well and consequently we don't feel well. So, exercise and healthy eating need to go hand-in-hand.

3:35 Ilene Cantor

What is the best advice you could give women that are on this journey, Nancy?

3:40 Nancy Norris

I think to be patient. We, as a society want to see things happen right away and I think we need to be patient and realize we didn't get in our current condition overnight. So, we're not going to change that condition overnight as well. So, I think we have to look at a large scale of what we want to happen. What that large goal is, but then I think we have to set up a short-term goal as well and make sure that the goals we're setting are realistic, but I think patience is the best thing I can say.

4:19 Ilene Cantor

And what about some final possibly some exercise tips or overall tips for women. Holidays are around the corner. We know what the New Year's number one resolution is to lose weight for women and men. But what would you say to women, you know holiday is around the corner, a lot more food being presented. Do you see a lot of women curtail the exercise activity that's with families and jobs been juggling and cooking and the mistakes that are made during this time of year?

4:48 Nancy Norris

Yes, absolutely. We can get caught up in the festivities of the holidays and then consequently our exercise program falls by the wayside. When we really should be setting a little more time aside during the holidays to exercise because we know that our eating habits are going to be different and what I always suggest to clients is to eat in moderation. I don't think the holiday should be a time that we actually try to loose weight. I think it should be a time that we just want to maintain our weight. I don't think we should give up those wonderful holiday treats that we all enjoy, but I think we should eat them in moderation and remember that if you are going to a party and you're to go to that party hungry, you're probably going to make poor food choices because we're going to go to what's right there and what taste best. So, one trick that I always use when I am going to a party, where I know there is going to a lot of food and maybe not the healthiest food, is I will eat before I go to the party and then I will be comfortable with that and then I will only maybe snack on the vegetable plate or the fruits or if I indulge in some cheese or some dessert. I am not starving, so I am going to eat it in moderation and just have a little portion instead of a large one.

6:20 Ilene Cantor

Well thank you so much for your time today. We really do appreciate it. Nancy Norris, Group Exercise Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainor at Hurley Health and Fitness Center in Flint Michigan.

6:31 Ilene Cantor

This Think Healthy, Think Hurley interview was brought to you by Hurley Medical Center. If you would like more information on Hurley Health and Fitness Center, call 888-611-4HMC.

6:31 Nancy Norris

Thank you.