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Duck Crossing, Cross Ducks, and Meatless Monday

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Human On Planet Earth HOPE

Human On Planet Earth HOPE


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Are people like ducks, or are ducks like people? How does the saying go? "If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck..." I saw quite a show on the creek this morning. A male and female mallard swam side by side, when another female sidled along the other side of the male. The first female, quickly flustered, swam after the other, quacking, and flapping her wings close enough to hit the second female. In turn, the second female quacked, and flapped her wings right back. They skirmished for a few seconds, until the second female scurried off further down stream. When the first female got back to the male, she swam closer to his side, and quack, quack, quacked at him, while he seemed to tolerate it until I guess he could stand no more, and swam away from her in a bit of a puffed up hurry. She, of course chased after him, still quacking, and now flapping her wings at him. Again, he tolerated, but only for a few moments before he began flapping his wings, and they were both flapping, quacking, and chasing each other around on the creek. Neither chose to fly away. They stayed together in the quacking, ruffled feather, wing flapping frenzy. Shortly thereafter, they both calmed down, and instantly began to swim peacefully side by side once again. Yes, I'm certain there will be ducklings this spring.

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