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Sunday School Preview w/ Pastor Teresa R. Bias

Tabernacle Christian Broadcast

Tabernacle Christian Broadcast

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Welcome to Tabernacle’s “Beyond the Podium, Blessed Bible Book” Presentation of Saturday's Sunday School Preview—where we take an "at times" provocative and in-depth look at tomorrow's general Sunday School Lesson. Listen in on this engaging, thought provoking, interesting, spiritually stimulating and growth promoting dialog.  Tomorrow, you will be ready for Sunday School. Join National Church Pastor Bias and the regular panelists as they discuss, plan and practice the launch of the Sunday School Preview Broadcast.   Sunday School teachers: Lady Little Saint, National Pastor L. Criner, Elder D. Mills, and Evang. L. Mills, Evang. A. Criner, Evang. T. Tyler, along with a number of "call-in" guests.  Listen in each Saturday at 11:00 a.m., PDT.  We go beyond mere facts. We seek to understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, while remaining biblically sound.

HTOM SPECIAL:  Learn to recite all of the books in the Bible from memory using a proven, easy and fun way to learn. A Blessed Bible Book Memory Lesson (copyright, 2012) is now! Click on the following link to get your own Mp3 download on the homepage.
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