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The poor man's Rush Limbaugh, your ruler, benevolent despot, and Rabbi of Christianity, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and common sense, reviewing and commenting on each day's events as only he can, and as much as S’Mores The Wonder Kitty will allow.

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"You and I, we've been at war since before either of us even existed. You fundamentally transformed your party. You fundamentally transformed my country. You will NOT fundamentally transform me. "If you're listening to this....you are the Resistance."
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A crisis carried Barack Obama into the White House, and time for another one to keep him there next year is running out, so he's trying his hardest to generate one of his own. Which explains why he's dropped all pretense of appealing to... more

Inability to admit mistakes, stubborn refusal to take responsibility for her actions, arrogant doubling-down on despicable tactics - Man, I've had it up to my eyeballs with Michelle Bachmann.

Sarah Palin is becoming the GOP's Obama while the genuine article sees swarms of chickens come home to roost simultaneously like Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner in the "The Birds". But at least Sarahcuda won't be... more

Let's save a whole lot of time and effort: If we want to maximize the chances of terminating the Obamidency in time to save America as we have known and loved it, Rick Perry should be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. And so... more

It's Barack Obama's economy, Barack Obama's debt, Barack Obama's credit rating downgrade, and Barack Obama's plunging stock market. The crisis he's lusted after his entire life in order to "fundamental transform" America into his... more

I've got too much to do and not enough time in which to do it, so we're rolling out the Wayback Machine again. But not too far back, as we relive a discussion of Barack Obama's economy, and how it's going to cost him his presidency - no... more

"You don't see anything wrong with the debt ceiling deal, do you?" "I don't like it; but we only control one house of Congress, and shooting down this compromise could cost us even that! I like THAT even less!" "That's a glib answer, and a... more

A brief history of Barack Obama's fiscal record and the overbearing, intransigent assholery he's unleashed in these farcical debt ceiling negotiations reveal one, overriding, fundamental truth, the understanding of which will make this entire... more

What drives Barack Obama's psychological clock? Naked, redundantly-reinforced Maxist-Alinskyist power lust,my friends, and all the dispeptic, diutopian dishonesty it is sire to. Everything,in fact, except the one thing for which no leftist... more

On the surface, Barack Obama is a vain, conceited, strutting, monomaniacal narrcissist with delusions of godhood; an egotistical poseur in WAY over his head. But beneath that vile surface, he's a filthily corrupt hypocrite addicted to... more