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The poor man's Rush Limbaugh, your ruler, benevolent despot, and Rabbi of Christianity, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and common sense, reviewing and commenting on each day's events as only he can, and as much as S’Mores The Wonder Kitty will allow.

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The cost of Keystone XL's murder: $175 billion (and counting); The Republican front-runner shows how to put Donald Trump in his place; MSNBC: Accurately "gendering" Bruce Jenner should be a criminal offense; Donald Trump's "no... more

On Sunday, July 26th, 2015, the Stop Iran Now! Rally occurred at the Wilshire Federal Building in Los Angeles at Wilshire and Veteran. Speakers included Dennis Prager, and a number of local notable persons. Douglas V. Gibbs also... more

Obama returns home to Kenya as an apostle of sodomy; AFL-CIO stalling on endorsement of Hillary Clinton; Hillary Clinton pinky-swears: "I sent no classified emails on my server"; Is ISIS about to take Damascus?; Ted Cruz pulls a... more

"You and I, we've been at war since before either of us even existed. You fundamentally transformed your party. You fundamentally transformed my country. You will NOT fundamentally transform me. "If you're listening to this....you... more

Barack Obama tearfully apologizes for IRSgate....no, not really, but he was on the Daily Show, so isn't a comedic promo appropriate?; CBS News and the New York Times make the shocking discovery that in a country ruled by the most racist,... more

Donald Trump dangles the Ross Perot card; The Left are the kings and queens of sob-story "compassion" - when it advances their Agenda. If it doesn't, they don't bother to conceal their abject contempt; "Fight! Fight! Fight!," by all means, but... more

Barack Obama says Iran nuclear "deal" is George W. Bush's fault; The REAL reason Rand Paul's presidential campaign is imploding; Benjamin Netanyahu takes Ashton Carter to the woodshed; Have we found "another Earth"?;... more

Stephen Hawking to out-do SETI, or "one-fifth of nothing is still nothing"; Dhimmi Seattle taxpayers to be forced to pay Muslims' mortgage interest; John Kerry declares that the UN should absolutely vote on Iran "deal" first and to argue... more

The Trump card is....well, you know; Racist Nutroots Nation unloads on Martin O'Malley; Obama setting up secret racial database; Obama to cut off military aid to Isreal in retaliation for condemning Iran nuclear "deal"; Franklin... more