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The poor man's Rush Limbaugh, your ruler, benevolent despot, and Rabbi of Christianity, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and common sense, reviewing and commenting on each day's events as only he can, and as much as S’Mores The Wonder Kitty will allow.

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Hindsight is 20/20, but it was not hard to foresee that the Left would be gunning for Donald Trump, that it wouldn't matter whether the nominees or the policies would be good or bad, lawful or lawless; that the goal would be to delegitimize... more

The Bannon Way might work on the campaign trail, but it doesn't translate into good governance. It's possible — and one must hope — that Trump can learn this fact on the job. But what if he doesn't? He could put the country... more

The word of the day is ?polarized.? The New York Times declared that Donald Trump ?will take command of a country unsettled after one of the most polarizing periods in modern times.? ABC's chief political analyst went even further,... more

If Barack Obama does not understand why our institutions and the common ground they once represented are in a shambles, he need not look very far for an explanation: He is a man of the Left, and the Left corrupts every institution it... more

The U.S. is now at a crossroads in dealing with Russian disinformation and manipulation. The country is vulnerable because, with the end of Cold War, political issues have become self- interested and parochial. Paradoxically, this... more

"Politicians, including the president-elect, shouldn't publicly attack intelligence agencies simply because those agencies reach disagreeable conclusions. No, the U.S. intelligence community isn't perfect. Yes, there have been times when... more

"Adding a final shameful chapter to a foreign-policy record that already runneth over with them, Barack Obama abandoned America's commitment to Israel's security, and to the vindication of democracy over sharia-supremacist... more

"In the future, Americans – assuming there are any left – will look back at 2016 and remark: 'What the hell?' Yes, we've seen some weird years. But we've never seen one as weird as 2016. This was the Al Yankovic of years. If... more

"American polarization has grown so bad that for millions of Americans, a geopolitical rival and strategic foe of the United States can redeem itself if that nation helps Republicans win elections. Conversely, Democrats who shrugged... more