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The Hampton Roads Pagan Network is an active, community initiative focused on unifying all Pagan's regardless of path to create one voice promoting truth about our faith to the media and public at large. We are activists, volunteers, business professionals and dedicated followers to a variety of pagan paths. The Hampton Roads Pagan Network is open to all who come with an open mind and open heart. Please be sure to also check out our network at hrpagan.ning.com for local events happening in, or around, Hampton Roads, Virginia.

On-Demand Episodes

Continuing our discussion on Working The Craft, We will be talking about the different tools we use in working the Craft and how some modern tools have been added to some practitioner's lists of must-have's. Also, we'll be talking about... more

We will be starting a two-part thirty minute segment on learning to cast a circle, work with elements, exploring some of the common "tools of the trade" and more - as they relate to working the Craft. This week's discussion (Part 1) will be... more

This episode of HRPN will be on Overcoming Social Stigmas and how we can actively practice our beliefs, while overcoming some of the social stigmas that are still placed on practitioners. We will also be discussing listening to our inner... more

This episode of HRPN, we will be discussing Practicing Magick and what it means to do so in a mindful way as well as how to apply our knowledge of The Craft in our daily lives, as active and modern pagans. We'll also be taking an... more

This episode of HRPN will be taking a look at living a pagan lifestyle at various ages. Whether you are a student, parent, or are actively retired, there are a number of ways to incorporate your path into your daily life and STILL stay... more

We will be discussing multiple traditions such as Solitary Eclectic, British Traditional, Wicca Gardnerian, Druidism, and Shaminsm. We will also be focusing on Dorothy Morrison's book "The Craft". So be sure to tune in - you don't... more

We've seen a lot of changes, both good and bad, in relation to religious tolerance in the past ten years. Everything from recognition from Veteran's Affairs in military burials to the political tidal wave at the Rock Church in 2009. We will be... more

HRPN will be discussing what we, as a pagan community, can do together to help Mother Earth in this time of re-awakening in preparation for Ostara. We will also be talking about the various ways that we celebrate it, whether we are solitary... more
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