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Online Happy Hour

The Online Happy Hour


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This show is designed for all people to get an outside perspective on the inside of someone else's life.

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Embarking on new journeys can be difficult. Sometimes even a great challenge. But when its time to move on, one has to be ready. The Online Happy Hour will now be broadcasting on DFWiRadio.com and Andy Brown will talk about... more

Reflecting on some of the more interesting topics of 2012, AB and the fam trip out over some of the best shows of the year.

A throwback from earlier this year (in memory of my good friend and collegue, Shaweshi "Naughty Nicole" Trim. Sometimes, its tough for a man to decide between his career, his private time, and his relationships. So who/what gets his... more

Whether its the want to find her dream job, finally get that degree, or start a family of her own, for some women the race is on to get it done before the 'biological clock' stops ticking. So why are so many single women hitting the... more

It's erotic. It's mysterious. It's intriguing. It's all over the internet and sometimes in a private collection of dvds and movies. But how does it affect our relationships? Login, Listen, & Learn with Life Coach Andy Brown and guest as they talk about... more

Is it obtaining wealth? Is it having status? Is is it having a favorable position in an organization or community? One small word hold so much power. But what does it truly mean? Login, Listen, & Learn with Life Coach Andy Brown and his... more

Have you had a good relationship with someone and suddenly get the silent treatment? Are your calls being ignored? Have they deleted you from social networks? Is there a void in communication? Jealousy, resentment, stored... more

Whether its your mate, you job, family or friends, many are finding trusting others to be the higest cause of termoil of any relationship. Why is this and where does it come from? Login, Listen & Learn while Life Coach Andy Brown & the panel... more

A continuation from last weeks show, this time as the women come with their list on what's wrong with Mr. Right. Login, Listen, & Learn as Life Coach Andy Brown is joined by comedian Mama Michelle and The Sexy Sex Educator Ms. Goodie.
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