How to Tour Italy

How to Tour Italy

How to Tour Italy

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Tony Ceglio is the Founder and CEO of the Italian-American television network Italianation. You'll be able to enjoy program dedicated to the Italian culture, the Italian-American experience, Italy travel, & Italian wine and food with programs... more

If you're looking for a resource on Tuscany you've found it at In one of the world's most enchanted lands you'll need a great guide to help you find the hidden gems and wonderful... more

Enjoy this delicious segment featuring Italian Wine Merchants as Justin Kowalsky describes why IWM is the ultimate Italian Wine resource. With their personalized approach, direct relationships with winemakers throughout Italy and an amazing... more

Margie Miklas is back on the How to Tour Italy radio show to share the wonderful details of her trip to Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome. As she traveled Sicily she spent time with family, enjoyed a cooking class, and found herself gloriously... more

Join Richard Bowen of Context Travel and I as we discuss the impact of WWII on Italy and how the Monuments Men of the Allied forces and the Italian citizens saved their art for the world. I read Robert Edsel's wonderful book Saving Italy... more

Joe LaPanna and I discuss the delicious and fizzy Prosecco that will kick off your evening throughout Italy and why it's so versatile in so many different cocktails. It's well priced, tastes great, and if you can find it we highly recommend... more

Rosetta Constantino joins me on the show to talk about her beloved Calabria and the joy the food of this magnificent region has brought her and her family for generations. Most importantly she now shares it with you through her AMAZING... more

Rebecca Bricker re-joins me on the show to talk about her wonderful Artisan Studios and Specialty Shopping experiences in Florence. Rebecca, now a local in Florence, spends her days seeking out the Italian dream of experiences... more

Chiara Certoma joins me to share her passion for the beloved region of Chianti and talks how it is a unique place in Italy. With so many travelers visiting the region it has been able to maintain its unique identity while fulfilling travelers... more

Join Molly Mcllwrath of Context Travel and I as we talk about the wonderful history and secret passages of Palazzo Vecchio. We'll take you on a virtual tour of the Salon of the 500, the works of Vasari, the Duke of Athens stairwell, the... more
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