How to Tour Italy

How to Tour Italy

How to Tour Italy

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I never expected to fall madly, gladly, giddily in love with the world's most luscious language. But fall I did. Over the last twenty-some years, Italian has become my passport into Italy's culture, history, lifestyle, traditions—and... more

Michelangelo's David is the most famous and beautiful statues in the world created by one of the world's greatest artists. Listen to my In Situ audio guide tour of the Accademia (where the David lives), the David, and Michelangelo's... more

James Martin has been going to Italy since the 70's and has witnessed the changes, he lives there a few months of the year, writes for, created 2 wonderful apps: Tuscany for Foodies and Sardinia from the Inside Out, was an... more

The Villa sits majecstically on the ancient Via Appia in the town of Terlizzi, just northwest of Bari in Puglia. Only 20 minutes from the Bari Palese airoport and 7 miles from the Adriatic. The garden was begun in the 13th century as a... more

Arlene wears many hats. It's a great thing she leads shopping tours of Rome to find them all. A writer actively working in Hollywood and with some of the biggest names in the business, an interior designer, a personal shopper, and a tour... more

Venetian restaurants; Venetian bars; Venetian pasticcerias, Venetian gelaterias, Venetian food shops: do the places on that list sound like places in which you might be spending some time on your trip to Venice? If you answered yes to... more

I talk to my friend Jake while sipping Shakerati in Piazza Santa Croce about how there is no such thing as Italian, only regional, or city based cuisine. Forget about what you know from movies, or the typical dishes one finds at local American... more

Learn from my experience to be prepared for your car rental, better use of your GPS, maps, avoiding lines for the museums, taking advantage of your down time while waiting for your reservation to enter any museum, saving money, how... more

I lead a series of fun and informative gourmet walks in and around the city centre of Florence. My walks include visits to growers markets, wine-bars, pastry shops, chocolate laboratories and gelato stores. Enjoy a morning or afternoon tour... more

Here at vino roma we want to bring you Italian wines a little bit closer. It doesn't matter if you already drink Italian wines or not. We'll make you try the best examples of regions and varietals you might know or maybe even introduce you... more
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