How to Tour Italy

How to Tour Italy

How to Tour Italy

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Enjoy every step of Victoria's trip through Italy from Florence, to Rome, to Puglia, and back as she joins me on the air to chat. We'll be connecting live to talk about her favorite gelato spots, getting lost, her discovered travel tips, favorite... more

Liz Knight lives in Rome and works as an attorney and a travel writer. Her story of how she landed in Rome is a great one; one that we're all familiar with. It goes like this, traveled to Rome with family in high-school, fell in love with Rome,... more

Imagine cycling through the regions of Northern Italy enjoying the views, stopping for a wonderful local meal, drinking wines you won't find anywhere else. No you aren't dreaming. You're on a tour with Italia Outdoors Food and Wine. The... more

Rick Zullo is back for his second segment to talk about his big win as the Best Living in Italy Blog by Italy Magazine and to share his upcoming trip to Sicily with his wife and fellow travelers. Rick will be joining me on the air while he travels... more

Ashley and Jason Bartner of La Tavola Marche joined me on the show to talk about their live, interactive, online, cooking classes straight from Marche, Italy to your kitchen. The menu choices are amazing and you're taught the... more

Enjoy the finer things in life (don't read expensive) and enjoy your time in Italy with Your Private Italy. They'll book all of the details from picking you up at the airport and scooting you quickly through customs, to a helicopter transfer, a... more

Not much else need be written by way of explanation. Who wouldn't want to discover a lost Leonardo? You'll have your chance. Listen to this segment. Visit and judge for yourself. Mr. Mark Fondersmith has laid out the... more

Join Justin Kowalsky of Italian Wine Merchants as we discuss the famous SuperTuscan wines from their birth, explosion, to today. Justin Kowalsky is a VP at Italian Wine Merchants and shares his love and expertise of Italian... more

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Rick Zullo, An American in Rome, on the show. Rick is an Expat living in Rome who writes a wonderful blog at He contributes insight on the cultural experiences of living in Italy... more

Rosetta Costantino shares her recipes by Southern Italian region allowing you to return to the days when you'd sneak a cookie when no one was looking or when Nonna would let you scoop a spoonfull of cannoli filling because she loves you.... more
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