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Shalom, and welcome to the House of YisraEL of Atlanta Radio Network! We at the House of YisraEL Serve YAHWEH the Elohim of Abraham the Elohim of Issac, and the Elohim of Jacob! The true and living Creator. Here you will hear broadcasted Every Sunday at 3:30pm Mowreh Elqanah Ben YisraEL of the House of YisraEL of Atlanta will bring "The True Word." And on the Sabbath Morning the Prophet of YAHWEH the late Mowreh Elesha's show "Truth or Traditions" will air at 8am. Tune in and Call in!!!!

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Listen to The True Word every Sunday with Mowreh Elqanah Ben Yisrael, teaching the true word of YAHWEH! You don't want to miss this one! CAll in and make a comment or ask questions. Praise YAHWEH of his mercy and his Words that he left on record for his people. The grass withered, the flower faded, but the words of YAHWEH shall stand forever! Praise YAH! 3:30pm-5:00 pm eastern, Every Sunday or Call 323 443 7418
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Listen every Sabbath 8

The True Word Mowreh Elqanah Ben Yisrael every Sunday 3:30-5:00

Listen every Sabbath! Mowreh Elesha teaches the truth ! 8

Listen to True Word YAH is One! Every Sunday T 3:30-5:00

Listen to Mowreh Elesha Yisrael every Sabbath! YAH is Righteous day and night! ************************************************ th3 Làw********************

The True Word every Sunday 3:30-5

Truth or Tradition Mowreh Elesha Ben Yisrael every Sabbath at 8

The True word Hosted by Mowreh Ben Yisrael. Listen every Sunday T 3:30 - 5:00

Truth or Tradition hosted by Mowrwh Elesha Ben Yisrael listen every Sabbath day at 8

The True Word Hosted by Mowreh Elqanah B. Yisrael listen every Sunday at 3:30- 5:00
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