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The House of Mouf has found mediocre success on 1000mikes.com with a moderate audience. The host Pj Vick B.K.A Loud Mouf dives head first into topics ranging from celebrity dirt/gossip to issues dealing with homicide/genocide and spirituality. As a blogger that has stayed true to his audience by remaining unpredictable I'm sure you will find this podcast worth listening to.

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Cyber stalking is a serious issue that I'd like to address. Has it or is it happening to you? It's like cyber bullying. Who feels the repurcutions the victim or the innocent bystander? Let's rap about it!

Pj Vick is really doing it B.I.G. on the internet right now. With the launch of the new page on Facebook called Pj2funny and the new and improved Blogsite on Wordpress http://pejavick.wordpress.com Things are truly begining to shape up... more

Crazee Miss Maebee gets all upset because her baby Pj is upset. She's ready to kill something or someone for her baby Pj. Tune in and find out why.

Pj Vick has an exclusive interview with Baltimores very own Billy Cundiff. Listen in as he explains why it was'nt his fault for missing the field goal & why we should give him another chance.

Pj Vick gets to chat with all 3 of his multiple personalities. Very funny skit!

Growing up as a kid most of us ussually would get into a fight if some one was to dispesrect our mothers. True or false? I found out that with most people you could probably get away with murder talking about their fathers, but a nigga would rip... more

Dr. Dundiddat is freely discussing love pleasures and pains over the hone with Pj Vick. This is a must listen to spectacle.

I'm tired of watching all these already rich m-effers make all this money doing absolutely nothing!!!! Esspecially the Kardashians... Listen to me bash some of the phonier shows.

They could'nt hold a good dude down forever. Link up with ya boy to see exactly why he's called the madman of internet radio. That;s right, Pj Vick is bacc and I'm mad as hell!!! Also find out more about my new book "WOVEN" and how to get... more

This topic is probably gonna get me in a world of trouble, but we already know that trouble is my middle name. So feel free to join me as I stir up a big ass pot of bull shit!
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