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house of miracles

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 todays program is  about prophets adding  to our gifts of the spirit series.we hope you will prayfully listen to the differant prophetic views presented today  ask GOD for discernment.pleae keep in mind i and countless others have been abused by  misguided  prophets and authoritarian pastors who over step there dominion in the Spiritual realm with there man made deceptions such as pride and control.that pastors  are the head of the five fold ministry as the others follow under them.i have never been one for authority  most my life i have paid dearly for it but even my heart cries out for the return of the rightful state of true spiritual authority in the earth .the structure of apostle ,prophet,evangelist,shepard,teacher  granted by GOD to be the true stuctureof the true church a place where faith obedience,calling and purpose will be more important then man made titles and appointments or education.it dont matter what man calls u but it matters a whole lot what god has called you to be and to do by his power.let the true apostle(church planter) prophets, watchman and voices of GOD evangelist the plowman  and seed planter ,true elders shepards,looking over the day to day affairs of the church.teachers teaching the truth under the power of god with signs and wonders confirming all that is done in the name of the lord.we supose to be working hand in hand   so the saints will be equiped tho do what god has called them to do.their lives are in our hands and maybe even their souls.sorry i am excited as i write this today and please remember the hurt the true prophets walk thru .the torment they deal in their souls.a true prophet never wants the call once he understands the gravity,weight,and loss you must be prepared for .no true prophet has not experianced great pain loss and cost to be the boss , earned the right to be a lit eccentric and maybe they see more then we do?