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Welcome to House of Harley talk radio!!!!! Take your shoes of and RELAX!!!! This is Michael Baisden on Steroids...This is Steve Harvey x100, this is Al Sharpton with No Perm!!!!! House of Harley talk radio will be discussing everything!!! No topics are off limits!!!! With the use of Hip Hop, R&B and other Genres of music, HoH Talk Radio is bridging the gap and we discuss the major issues that affect our communities House of Harley talk radio will also be providing opportunities for listeners and businesses across the world....if you need a platform to get your first start....why not start at the House of Harley talk radio show!!!! We get RESULTS!!!!!! We will be having hot topics, and special guest...You never know who will be might even be YOU!!!!!! Be a part of something SPECIAL!!!!! WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Being a single parent is already tough enough, but being on the dating scene and finding the right mate is very difficult!!! You already have so much to compete with and the fact that you have a child or children can be a major deterant of an... more

Seems like people are so stuck on physical looks when it comes to choosing a mate. Why is that?!?!?! If you look in todays media, a person's good looks and body seems to determines how sane they are when they actually can be cray... more

Join House of Harley Talk Radio as we will be discussing the good man and if there are any out there these days. Do women really want a good man? What causes a bad man? How to fix a bad man. Call the show @ 347-884-9373, and... more

It's Hump DAAAAY!!!!!!! House of Harley Talk Radio....Join us tonight as we discuss the current hot topics in the news, entertainment, sports, and social media. If you have ANYTHING on you mind.....Give us a call. Also, will be the... more

Pastor Marvin Winans did not allow a child to be blessed because the child was born out of wedlock....wait for it....wait for it....Right or Wrong?!?! Is there a double standard in church. These rules that we have in church, are they rules from the... more

In light of Adrian Peterson's son being murdered by his mother's opens up the door for conversation. Tonight oh House of Harley Talk Radio we will be talking about protecting our children while we are on the dating scence.... more

Why is it so hard to break up with somebody? Why do we keep that person around that constantly breaks our heart?!?! Join House of Harley Talk Radio and let's talk about breaking up, and then moving on to the next person, and why it... more

Yep!!! Say it ain't so!!!! We are on Day 2 of the Federal Government Shutdown. Tonight on House of Harley we will be talking about the Federal Government Shutdown, and the Affordable Care Act. Call the show and let us know how you... more

Say WHAT?!?!?! So now you ladies are putting a 90 day Grace Period on us men before you give up the cookie?!?!? On this Wednesday's House of Harley we will be discussing the 90 Day Rule that so many women are implementing... more

Ladies....Do you have that man that just wanna know every single detail of what you are doing when you are away from him? He doesn't want you to look at or talk to nobody when you are in public. So insecure that he put a GPS on... more