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Welcome to House of Harley talk radio!!!!! Take your shoes of and RELAX!!!! This is Michael Baisden on Steroids...This is Steve Harvey x100, this is Al Sharpton with No Perm!!!!! House of Harley talk radio will be discussing everything!!! No topics are off limits!!!! With the use of Hip Hop, R&B and other Genres of music, HoH Talk Radio is bridging the gap and we discuss the major issues that affect our communities House of Harley talk radio will also be providing opportunities for listeners and businesses across the world....if you need a platform to get your first start....why not start at the House of Harley talk radio show!!!! We get RESULTS!!!!!! We will be having hot topics, and special guest...You never know who will be might even be YOU!!!!!! Be a part of something SPECIAL!!!!! WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's the show you've all been waiting for!!!! As promised we are having a show about child support and family court issues. Join us 9/24/14 @9pm to talk about the many different issues of Family Court, and child support. My special guest will be (who I call) the real life Claire Huxtable, my attorney Wendy Pauling Levine!!!! She will be discussing the many aspects of child support and family law, and she will be taking your questions and comments as well. Call the show at 347-884-9373 twitter: @hohtalkradio SPONSORS: Rundown: - How is child support/custody determined? - Men/Women who complain about paying child support - Advice to single parents dating and how to keep your child safe - Child Abuse - Fighting for custody: Does the woman always get custody? - Is there a rise of single parent fathers? - Things you should consider before going to court for child support/custody - Raising a child in separate homes - The 34 kids 17 baby mama guy - Paying child support when the child isn't yours or paying too much child support
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House of Harley Talk Radio Yall and we are live in Orlando Florida....we will be discussing life love and the whole gammit of topics...and most of all I will have my family on to discuss these topics. House of Harley 2013

Join me tonight on House of Harley to talk about single moms and dads that date each other, and the moments when you combine worlds. The strugles of dating and being a single parent.....current news, sports, entertainment and... more

Trayvon Martin Rally

George Zimmerman.....Not Guilty?!?! We will discuss what is next, and what we must do to learn from this. My take is simular to others....but I have a twist. You might agree, and you might not....Entertainment, and Sports news and... more

I know you all may or may not be filled with pain about the verdict of the Trayvon Martin Case.....If you are....let's talk about it....share your thoughts

Wow!!!!! That was a lot of action in the courtroom HoH fam. The prosecution did a great job!!!!! I know a lot of you have a lot to say so let's talk about the prosecution's closing arguements, and the whole case. The Trayvon Martin... more

I'VE had it!!!!! With this Dwight Howard MESS!!!!! Let's debate yall!!!!!! Let's talk about it. If Dwight Howard goes to the Rockets....the Lakers are D.O.N.E and U.N.E.N.O.I.T!!!!!!!!! House of Harley Talk Radio!!!! LEGGO!!!!!!!

The new show on BET got me to thinking about women like Mary Jane and why is it so HARD for women and specifically successful women to settle down and find the man of their dreams. I will be discussing the current events, Trayvon... more

OK I can't take it anymore...this needs to be talked about....and know there are a ton of you out there that wanna express your feelings about this case....Lets do it....House of Harley....Let's go Fam!!!!!

Why do people believe in the Friend Zone?!?!?! Does it really exist or are people just waiting around to hit the home run????? I know what I believe, and you don't want to miss this show, because I'm going to make a lot of people mad... more