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Welcome to House of Harley talk radio!!!!! Take your shoes of and RELAX!!!! This is Michael Baisden on Steroids...This is Steve Harvey x100, this is Al Sharpton with No Perm!!!!! House of Harley talk radio will be discussing everything!!! No topics are off limits!!!! With the use of Hip Hop, R&B and other Genres of music, HoH Talk Radio is bridging the gap and we discuss the major issues that affect our communities House of Harley talk radio will also be providing opportunities for listeners and businesses across the world....if you need a platform to get your first start....why not start at the House of Harley talk radio show!!!! We get RESULTS!!!!!! We will be having hot topics, and special guest...You never know who will be might even be YOU!!!!!! Be a part of something SPECIAL!!!!! WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Single Parenting is a tough job, and at times it almost seems impossible to do. You miss out on so much, and you have to make many sacrifices for your career, relationships and friendships. Yes it is a tough job but we manage to make... more

Join Us Tonight @ 9pm House of Harley Talk Radio as we discuss/debate current Hot Topics. Also call us and tell us what's on your mind and join the discussion. Call the show @ 347-884-9373 Also hit us up on Facebook and Twitter... more

So, as you all know, I am excited about taking House of Harley to the next level with my new co-host, Thetyka Robinson-Husser. In the spirit of this new collabo AND HoH's first year anniversary, we thought it would be great to revisit the... more

Listen to my show live at Columbia Fashion Week - Special Gues Interviews - Hot Topics - House of Harley Anniversary and Expectations of the Next Year

In light of the Hip Hop Artist Eve getting married billionaire British Gumball 3000 motor rally CEO and co-founder fiance Maxmillion Cooper which happens to be of the caucasion persuasion. The union has cause somewhat of an uproar... more

House of Harley Talk Radio!!!! It's the week of Father's Day, and I know a lot of you have a lot of bad things to say about your father because he may not be in your life or you just simply don't have a good relationship with your father. One... more

WTHAWTOK (What The Hell Are We Teaching Our Kids?!?!) NAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Who says our daughters need an education to make it in this world?!?!?! All they need to do is learn how to Twerk and give men and women GREAT... more

Black Folks be like: Maaaaaan!!!!! Why white people gotta steal our joy why can't we get turned up without being bothered?!?! Why do they want to stop Black Bike Week?!?!?! They Just Hatin!!!!! House of Harley Be Like: Really Black... more

Sooooo......I went to the Black Expo in Columbia South Carolina right, and I didn't realize it would spark so much hate from black people and white people. So my facebook inbox got FLOOOODED with messages where Black people complain... more

Listen to live coverage of the Expo