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Welcome to House of Harley talk radio!!!!! Take your shoes of and RELAX!!!! This is Michael Baisden on Steroids...This is Steve Harvey x100, this is Al Sharpton with No Perm!!!!! House of Harley talk radio will be discussing everything!!! No topics are off limits!!!! With the use of Hip Hop, R&B and other Genres of music, HoH Talk Radio is bridging the gap and we discuss the major issues that affect our communities House of Harley talk radio will also be providing opportunities for listeners and businesses across the world....if you need a platform to get your first start....why not start at the House of Harley talk radio show!!!! We get RESULTS!!!!!! We will be having hot topics, and special guest...You never know who will be might even be YOU!!!!!! Be a part of something SPECIAL!!!!! WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh yes....I said it!!! A made man is a lame man!!!! You know I constantly hear women talk about how there aren't any good men out there. My thought is....they are everywhere, it's just that some women aren't ready for a good man to enter their lives. On the next House of Harley Talk Radio we will be discussing and debating good men, and how women are ready for us good men. We will also discuss..... - Can women accept a made man? - How good men are overlooked for sorry men - Women don't want their man to lead anymore - Should the woman follow the man to church or vice versa - The degradation of man leadership in the household - Why are women constantly trying to change a man especially a made man? - Can a brotha catch a break?!? - Can the enjoyment of sex make a woman allow her man to lead??? Mmmmhmmmm These subjects, my special guest and much more on the next House of Harley Talk Radio!!!!! Call the show to speak to us or to listen at 347-884-9373 Email us @ Twitter @hohtalktadio
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House of Harley Talk Radio!!!! Question.....Did you eat today? Are you starving? Did you go to bed starving waiting for your next meal? No I'm not talking about food....but I'm talking about success!!!!! How hungry are you for it?!?!?! Some of... more

House of Harley Talk Radio!! Bridging The Gap and Tackling the Elephant In The Room!!!! mean to tell me......If you have a daughter, and she sneaks her "boyfriend" in your house and your daughter and the boyfriend takes a shower... more

It's HoH HOT TOPICS!!!!! Let's talk and debate about what's going on in todays News and Entertainmen...and what's up with that lady getting arrested for leaving her babies in the car while she went on a job interview?!?!?! Would you leave... more

Are you a ho? Ho This Ho That....Here a Ho There Ho Everywhere a Ho Ho!!!!!! It's a HOASIS!!!!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!!!! HOstages!!!!! It's 2014 yall and it seems like Ho is the new classy like 40 is the new 20. When you look at the media and... more

NOOOOO!!!!!!! Money doesn't matter when you get married!!!!! Nooooo not at all!!!!!! We can live off of berries and grass, and we can build a tree house and live off the fat of the land....We don't need a secure roof over our head, and we... more

So you say you want to get turnt up cause Lil Boosie is free....huh??? I say you have your priorities completely mixed up. What are we celebrating, the release from prison? How he kept it real? How the system has done him wrong and... more

Tonight on House of Harley....Hump Day Hot Topics!!!!! I will be starting with my Opening Rant titled "Don't Make Your Ugly Look Ugly". Tonight we will be talking about The Oscars from this past weekend....specifically Black Films, will the... more

So you say we have a Black President now huh?!?! Well how did that change Black America?!?!?! In my opinion we have gotten worst, and we have gone too far!!!! This is the last week of Black History Month.....Although I do believe... more

NOOOO!!!!!!!!! I'm not gay...I'm very much heterosexual....However it got your attention didn't it?!?!? Just like it seems to be getting everybody's attention these days. Why is that?!?!? In light of Michael Sam, being the first NFL (not drafted... more

Yes that's right....It's Harleytines Day!!!!! Everybody knows how I feel about Valentines Day so I just renamed it!!!!!! Join me on House of Harley Radio as we discuss the Good and the Bad of Valentines day, and I will tell you why I... more