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Welcome to House of Harley talk radio!!!!! Take your shoes of and RELAX!!!! This is Michael Baisden on Steroids...This is Steve Harvey x100, this is Al Sharpton with No Perm!!!!! House of Harley talk radio will be discussing everything!!! No topics are off limits!!!! With the use of Hip Hop, R&B and other Genres of music, HoH Talk Radio is bridging the gap and we discuss the major issues that affect our communities House of Harley talk radio will also be providing opportunities for listeners and businesses across the world....if you need a platform to get your first start....why not start at the House of Harley talk radio show!!!! We get RESULTS!!!!!! We will be having hot topics, and special guest...You never know who will be might even be YOU!!!!!! Be a part of something SPECIAL!!!!! WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Live broadcasting at the Hat, Bow Tie and Tea Luncheon at Bible Way Baptist Church....Keynote Guest Speaker Congressman James E. Clyburn

Tonight is your night to speak up!!! Let your voices be heard!!! Should SCSU be closed for a year or should SCSU continue to stay open to provide education to its current and future students. There is 119 years of history in one... more

Live Coverage at the Save SCSU Rally at the South Carolina State House!!!!! #hohreporting

Join us as we interview entertainers, business owners, and most importantly the young girls of the Girls World Expo

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! We had a VERY heated show last week on House of Harley Talk Radio. This week we are going to turn it up a notch and BATTLE!!!!! Men vs. Women: Battle of the Sexes!!!! We are going to further... more

THAAAAT'S Right I said it!!!! In relationships/marriages, they always tend to be one sided, and the heavy side seems to be on the woman's side? Isn't that right fellas?!?! Should relationships/marriages ONLY cater to the woman, or should it... more

You ever notice that you can have a closer relationship with strangers than you can with you're own family? Does you family put you down and never let go of your failures even though you have moved on from them. Friends seem... more

Happy New Year!!! They says there are two important events in your life....The day you was born, and the day you realize what you was born to do. The question is.....Do you know what you was born to do? What you are made to do? Have... more

House of Harley Talk Radio live at the Kids and Famlies Winter Expo!!! Join us as we will discuss the village, and if it exist. If it doesn't exist how can we recreate it? Interviews with the vendors and more!!! Call us at 347-884-9373 Twitter... more